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September 28, 2020

Ep.1145: Is Your COVID-19 Christianity Still Being Tested?

Action steps to prevent COVID-19 from compromising our Christianity

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What hope do we have even with financial anxiety?

How can we maintain strong relationships during this time?

Is COVID-19 the beginning of the end?

Theme Scripture: 1 Peter 1:6

Wearing a mask when you go out. Cleaning and sanitizing anything and everything all the time. Social distancing. Avoiding crowded places.  Working from home or not being able to work at all. Seeing friends and family on Zoom instead of in person. It is enough to make the strongest among us to feel battle worn. We are edgier, suffer higher levels of anxiety and are lonely. All of this because of COVID-19, a microscopic virus.

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How small is this virus? For a very unscientific illustration, imagine flatly stacking up eight sticky notes equals about 1 millimeter in height. A micron is one one-thousandth of that height. It would take about eight coronavirus particles to equal one micron! That means you could stack up 8,000 COVID particles, and they would be equal to the eight sticky notes that are a millimeter thick. How can something so minute turn our lives upside down? As Christians, how do we cope?

How is your spiritual immune system?

Because we are talking about a virus, it’s logical to talk about becoming immune to it. While we cannot control COVID-19’s physical effects, we certainly can be proactive about its negative emotional and spiritual effects. This is not easy, but it is possible if we focus on enhancing our spiritual immune system. Spiritual immunity comes from our faith and its source, the Bible. Resetting our mind on these things is a critical first step to managing the widespread fallout from the pandemic.


Whenever you reset anything, you bring it back to its foundational starting point.  For Christians, this boils down to rehearsing and repeating the "why" of our faith.  We are Christians because we are sinners and inherently cannot stand righteously before God. Jesus’ ransom sacrifice changed that. Our faith in him and our following in his steps grants us sonship to God. What does this have to do with managing the issues of the pandemic? Everything! As God’s sons, we are thereby able to stand knowing His providence is guiding our experiences. What better immunity booster can there be than having God’s hand in your everyday?

With this resetting of our minds, we can now access the practicality of dealing with the specifics of our COVID experiences. What if:

  • you lost your job or your business is in jeopardy of folding?
  • your kids are seriously challenged with distance learning?
  • you or your family members become ill?
  • you lose a loved one?
  • the isolation from all this distancing is bringing you to depths of anxiety or depression you have never experienced?
  • your marriage or family relationships are being strained?

Check out our September 28, 2020 podcast, “Is Your COVID-19 Christianity Still Being Tested?” We look at these serious issues and delve into how to work through them. The bottom line is simple: As Christians, you and I are being tested through this pandemic, yet God never gives us tests beyond our capability. That means His victory in our lives is waiting to be found.  Let’s find it together!


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