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June 27, 2022

Ep.1235: Can Christianity and Paganism Work Together? (Part I)

Comparing the core values of Paganism with biblical Christian principles

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What is Progressive Christianity?

How does Jesus fit into Paganism?

How can just a small amount of Paganism take us off track and away from God?

Theme Scripture: Exodus 20:1,3

Our religious world has changed dramatically. In the bygone days of generations past. we had clear lines that marked our differences. Christianity seemed to have clear and unmistakable differences from religions like Hinduism, Buddhism and Druidism. Our "one God and one Savior" approach stood in an entirely different category from the multiple-god eternal journey that mystics and Pagans adhered to. Here we are in the age of technology and some of those lines and distinctions seems to be blurred and fading. There are movements now announcing that we are all really on the same journey of enlightenment and walking side-by-side on similar paths. So, is this a good thing? Should Christians embrace these seemingly progressive steps, or should we run the other way?

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Paganism is ancient

It has been around longer than Christianity by thousands of years. It was in existence in several ancient cultures long before the Ten Commandments were given to Moses. In a broad and basic sense, Paganism is very much a nature-based belief system. Pagans see life and divinity in everything. All aspects of nature - from plants, animals, air, water and earth are connected to the planets, stars and the universe. This universal harmony is revered and, in some cases, worshipped. The cycles of nature, especially the seasonal cycles of the earth, are markers that illustrate the pattern Pagans see in all of life.

The attraction of Paganism

Living in the fast-paced technology, internet and gadget-filled world of our day, this belief system can come across as a wholesome breath of fresh air. Paganism’s respect for all things and inclusiveness of all people can really feel like a needed reset. This approach can be powerfully attractive to any who are looking for meaning. How should we look at this from a Christian perspective? There are several things here that are easy to appreciate. Does that mean we should recognize both Pagan and Christian alike as being on the same journey?

Not so fast...

As appealing as it might sound to just embrace everyone and move on, there is much more to the story that needs deep consideration. Looking at the appreciative and inclusive approach to life that Paganism describes is only a small part of our needed understanding. Grasping the how and why of this belief system is every bit as important as absorbing the good intentions of its adherents.

Check out our June 27, 2022 podcast, “Can Christianity and Paganism Work Together? (Part I)" for more. We address the similarities and differences between Christian and Pagan beliefs by methodically defining several aspects of Pagan culture and comparing each with biblically-based Christianity. Then we look into a growing Christian movement that suggests the unifying of the two systems is not only practical but advisable. What we find is both enlightening and important. Join us for Part I of this two-part series. See how the Bible guides us through the difficult challenge of finding and following what is respectable and right. Then head over to Part II for an in-depth look at Wicca.


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