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Ep.1184: Is Christianity Being Cancelled?

Today’s cancel culture’s clashing disagreements with Christianity

Is Christianity Being Cancelled?

Theme Scripture: Matthew 5:44-45


The world has changed dramatically! We now live in a time where diverse opinions and beliefs are coming under fire if they conflict with what is deemed as acceptable “social narrative.” In more and more circles, traditional Christian values of God first, fidelity in marriage, morality based on absolutes and mutual respect are under attack. We face the potential of being seen as “haters” because we stand for things the world does not like. While being seen as contrary to the world’s perspective is nothing new, the potential for being cancelled is. The momentum and ferocity that our current “cancel culture” has garnered is becoming frightening. Is Christianity destined for cancellation? How should we as Christians be responding? Should we be speaking out or flying under the radar? Should we be fighting fire with fire?

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What is it?

According to an explanation from gotquestions.org, cancel culture is the modern social attitude that controversial speech or behavior must be punished through public shaming, silencing, boycotting, firing, bankrupting, de-platforming, etc. The result is that the offender’s influence, presence, and/or reputation is “cancelled out.”

The idea that “controversial speech or behavior” must be punished, begs for clarification. There is no law breaking implied, only a different way of viewing or responding to some issues deemed to be sensitive. Think about how Jesus spoke against the Pharisees because they had perverted the Law of God. He was right to make them uncomfortable with his words and actions. Because they were the ones in power their version of punishing him was to have him crucified. They cancelled Jesus, so they thought, but his resurrection and the establishment of Christianity proved otherwise.

Our present cancel culture has not yet resorted to murdering those whose speech or behavior is controversial.  We have resorted to damaging them in in a wide variety of ways which include financial and social ruin. What are we doing? How can we claim to be so sensitive and inclusive while being so reckless and unjust with those who see things differently?

What is the Christian's responsibility in these matters?

Are we to fight cancelling with cancelling by hitting those who would cancel back with the same self-centered and emotional reactions? Of course not. Should we just pretend that none of this is happening unless we are forced to deal with it in our own personal experience? No. Should we call it out and make a scene to garner support to stop it? Be careful.

Check out our June 28, 2021 podcast, “Is Christianity Being Cancelled?” for more. We walk through real cancel culture examples and look at what our Christian responsibility and focus should be with each.  We discuss the profoundly important question regarding whether or not Christianity itself is in danger of being cancelled. But most importantly, we ask the “what about me” questions. What should I do, how should I prepare and what should I expect? Cancel culture is real. Learn how to stand up to it as a disciple of Christ.

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