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Ep.1103: Have We Become Too Desensitized to Sin?

Examining current moral standards in the light of biblical teaching

Have We Become Too Desensitized to Sin?

Theme Scripture: Isaiah 5:20


Right is right and wrong is wrong!  A few generations ago, morality and ethics seemed simple: There were things you knew you should and should not do.  There were principles you knew needed to be present when it came down to making appropriate decisions.  There were societal consequences for stepping outside of those lines.  Now morality seems to have gone rogue. The idea of ethics seems to have been redefined to fit personal preference.  Now we say, “Right is right.” But we really mean is, “Right is what I feel is right for me. There isn’t much that's wrong, except when you try and infringe on my personal feeling of what’s right!”  What happened?  Does the whole concept of sin need to be re-evaluated?

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In the Bible the word for sin simply defined means “to miss the mark.”  The implication of this definition is plain.  Anything less that hitting the precise target – anything less than perfection - is sin.  When we look at this very black and white concept, it is nothing short of depressing.  None of us are capable of such continued excellence, so we are all destined to wallow in imperfection. By God’s grace, we have the great gift of the sacrifice of Jesus which ultimately balances that equation.  While this is a relief - an eternal relief - how do we in our everyday life keep the temptations of sin at bay?

Information is everywhere to help us

We live in a world where information is everywhere.  We can use this information to help us be better armed against all that contributes to our being desensitized to sin.  Unprecedented knowledge of the Bible, psychology and society enable us to be forewarned against the ever- growing number of ways this desensitization can happen.  While this is good and encouraging news, the bad news looms even larger.

But the enemy is always one step ahead

Sin is an insidious enemy.  In spite of all that we can and do know, this enemy has a way of keeping itself one step ahead.  While we want to easily label the things of darkness as “dark,” society comes along and demands we change our perceptions.  No longer is it easy (or even acceptable) to see life through the eyes of right and wrong.  We are now required to see life through the prism of individuality.  Each of us has somehow garnered the right to proclaim what we as single individuals will adhere to, regardless of any previously-valued standards.  This continually moves the target, which in turn makes missing the mark not only more common, it now becomes more confusing as well.

How do we actually recognize sin and re-sensitize ourselves to it?  Check out our December 9, 2019 podcast, “Have We Become Too Desensitized to Sin?” for answers.  We trace the path societies have gone down that has them embrace darkness as light.  We look at three simple steps that trap us on that dark path and how to avoid them.  We also answer to difficult question as to whether Jesus accepts us as we are.  Sin is your armed and ready enemy.  Arm yourself to fight back!

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  1. A man at our Church, where i was the only African American said the t he wants to bring back hanging to deter people ? I’m so stunned by this I don’t feel safe attending this church anymore should I find another ?


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