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Ep.902 : So, Where Do I Start?

Basic focus points for a new Christian life

So, Where Do I Start?

Theme Scripture: James 4:8


Time passes and that original drive and inspiration begin to fade.  It is kind of like the new toy you get for Christmas – after you use it for awhile, it ends up being just another toy to be tossed around.  But wait a minute!  This is your life we are talking about and NOT some toy!  How do you center yourself?  How do you keep that true Christian fire burning every day, every week and every year?

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We asked many of our own Christian Questions volunteers to give one important piece of advice for a new Christian.  What we got back was a series of comments and advice that can be truly game-changing.

The advice began with understanding that being a Christian is an invitation from God to you.  Now, when you receive a special invitation, what attitude do you take?  Do you treat it with complacency or do you feel special and honored?  The advice further focused on understanding the role that inspiration plays and the importance of finding what truly inspires YOU as an individual.  Another piece of advice focused on the importance of taking baby steps and how to make those steps really progress productively.  Still other pieces gave insight on learning, TV and socializing.  And there was so much more…

Check out “So, Where Do I Start?” our Christian Questions broadcast from January 24th, 2016, to gain insight into solid and practical ways to actually engage in the rewarding work of self-transformation, one day at a time!

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  1. Ihave requested contact with a bible student in my area and hope to get more understanding in Gods divine plan THANK YOU FOR THE LIGHT


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