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January 17, 2016

Ep.901: Our Children: Will They Ever Grow Up?

Micro-aggression, safe spaces and the lost art of parenting

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What is a microaggression?

What should parents focus on?

How do we teach our children to handle differing opinions?

What is the alternative to hiding in a safe space?

Theme Scripture: Proverbs 22:6

There is a new standard for personal behavior and speech, and it is no longer based on the fundamental value of personal freedom. Somehow or other the feelings and potential perceptions of some have become more important and more necessary to protect than the basic rights of thought and speech for all.  What are we talking about?  "Micro-aggressions," safe spaces, and political correctness - these have developed a prevalent and dominating presence on college campuses all across America.  What do these things mean in the context of parenting and how are they contributing to the downfall of our college-age children?

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Where did we as parents go wrong?  How did we go from teaching our children how to win and lose gracefully to lauding mere participation?  How did we go from teaching our children to cope with and communicate through differences of opinion to demanding apologies or even a resignation when a University professor suggests we be open to discussing things that may be offensive to us?  How did we go from teaching our our young adults to survive and even overcome personal trauma to providing them “safe spaces” that resemble a daycare complete with bubbles, blankets and Play Doh as places to hide from dealing with even a suggestion of the subject of the trauma?

We have lost our grip on the foundational biblical principles of parenting!  The Bible is full of sound advice and examples showing us how to help children grow into maturity.  The Bible is clear on how to teach and lead by example so that those around us can understand what true maturity and true integrity look like.  The Bible really does show us how to raise our children to become smart and well-adjusted adults.

Check out “Our Children:  Will They Ever Grow Up?” our Christian Questions broadcast from January 17, 2016 to gain insight into micro-aggressions and political correctness as well as some solid biblical principles that can help us turn the tide back to sensible parenting!


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