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Ep.900: So, When Does the Rapture Happen?

Biblically defining texts that seem to teach a rapture

So, When Does the Rapture Happen?

Theme Scripture: 1 Thessalonians 4:17


The rapture is an incredibly dramatic event that is believed in by many Christians and encapsulates a view of God’s mercy, justice and wrath all at the same time.  Though there are many differing perspectives on how this belief unfolds, the rapture’s common thread is that when it happens, all true believers will be instantaneously “taken up” to the returning Jesus and those “left behind” will be subject to a world drowning in catastrophe anarchy and death.  The question is, is the rapture a true biblical teaching or a fabricated one?

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If we trace the history of the rapture’s teaching, we find it comes into play in the early 1800’s. From the time of the writing of the New Testament until then, there is no commentary or teaching to be found regarding this belief.  Is this significant?  Does this matter?  Could this teaching be like the return of Jesus – not to be understood until it is upon us, or is the absence of any reference to the rapture teaching for 1800 years a verification that it is simply made up?

What about the Scripture that describes the event?  It plainly states, “We who are alive and remain will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air, and so we shall always be with the Lord.”  How else could you possibly understand these words?  Isn’t it obvious?  Doesn’t this prove this miraculous world-changing event will in fact happen?

Check out,“So, when does the Rapture Happen?” our Christian Questions broadcast from January 10, 2016.  Hear the several angles from which we review what may or may not happen.  Then let us know what you think!

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  1. Left Behind: The Reality – If you aren’t studying the four Gospels and Revelation seriously, you are likely to experience the unexpected while unprepared. There will be a great division between real Christians and pew potatoes as those who follow Jesus, passing the 10 virgins test ascend in Rev. 12:5 and those who follow their pastor more than Jesus suffer the Great Tribulation starting with the world wide earthquake which causes all cities to fall, which will cause anarchy for the selfish and humbling trials for the believers. Pauline denominations will survive proven by their mention in Rev. 17:5 but the faithful must leave them to follow Jesus only or suffer plagues in Rev. 18:4 to prepare for the second ascension as Jesus returns.

    Awake Christians believe Revelation has started but few connect the verses to realize Revelation could be written a chapter per year until Rev. 20 which spans 1000 years. The Great Tribulation starting in Rev. 16 when Israel turns 80 lasts for 3.5 years and counting back 3.5 chapters is the Muslim Beast or Caliphate of 7 nations with 10 military powers in Rev. 13. It makes sense to continue counting back to Rev. chapter 1 which then corresponds to the election of the prophesied Last Pope in 2013, leader of the Great Harlot and her Protestant daughters who also sell many ministries other than Jesus’ perfect ministry, as well as the Communists and Islamists who war to send people to hell instead of heaven as the horsemen in Rev. 6.

    God has everything worked out, even the election of the First Trump next year. Befuddled pastors are clueless so those who disobey Revelation 18:4 today will obey it later. If pastors would study Revelation they would see converting to Jesus’ 4 Gospel Church and forsaking their junk ministries could unite enough Christians to make a serious attempt to save the world by Jesus’ method of multiplication by 12 every 3.26 years. Uniting under Jesus only instead of a political organization is needed to defeat the Supreme Court’s anti-Christ decisions supporting partial birth murder, homosexual marriage, banning 10 commandments in other courts but its own, and prayer in public schools, let alone teaching kids to recite a Gospel. But denominations refuse to cooperate on anything unless all the glory goes to their organization instead of Jesus. That is why they will be left behind.

    So my guess is 2024 for the Pre-Trib ascension and 2031 for the ascension as Jesus Christ returns.

    Love Jesus First,
    Kirk W. Fraser

    1. I’m so glad you said “guess,” Kirk, as many people have tried to pick a date and no one has ever got it right.
      There is one thing that convinces me that Jesus has already returned and is present, that is that Israel has become a nation again. See Matt. 24:32-34 (fig tree = Israel) which also applies to Daniel 12:1. When “Michael” (ie. Jesus, because the name means “He who as God” or “God’s representative”) stands up (or “begins to act,” “take action”), it means that judgment is being rendered; action is being taken. That action only happens when Jesus returns. The generation that sees Israel become a nation again will not pass away until all “these things” are fulfilled.
      We live in interesting times!

  2. It’s quite evident that the rapture theory is an overly dramatized interpretation of Scripture, with no basis in the actual intent of the Christian Scriptures. That said, I look forward to your insightful, and Scriptural based program.

  3. I knew something was really wrong in mainstream Christianity. Some things just did not add up. It just did not feel right. I asked myself a million questions and why this, why that. Soon, we will blessing all mankind with His pure love and mercy.

    Thank you Rick and Jonathan for this vital information. God is surely answering my prayers and He is using you to proclaim His TRUTH !!!
    God is truly blessing your faithful team.
    Thank you so much!!!

  4. While it is true that He told us from the beginning of His laws, promises and scripture. I know this is true “Praise the Lord” even though I know this I still have a hard time keeping His truths and laws, from my perspective of the truth and what other Christians tell me. I know since they are Christians they are just looking after my wellbeing. I try to help misunderstood people to God, in a slow and loving way that they can understand, these people are mentally challenged. I myself have a mild brain injury, I feel God has given me a wonderful gift not only to understand His word but a a loving careing heart. I know helping others being their friend, loving them when it seems everyone just tolerates them is right…


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