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January 03, 2016

Ep.899: Do You Like What You See in the Mirror?

Learning to view our own reflection as God views it

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How is it possible to see something different when you look in the mirror?

As we look up while looking in the mirror, what will we see?

How do we make a new reflection?

What part does wisdom play?

Theme Scripture: James 1:23-24

Happy New Year! ...Or is it? Have you asked yourself if you are happy and excited about this New Year or do you fear the same old stuff will get in the way of the better life you had imagined? When you look at your own character and your own track record, what do you see? Do you see accomplishment and progress or failure and backsliding? Do you see consistency and focus or sporadic efforts and distracted attention? Bottom line: do you want to do better, do you want to be better and do you want to feel better about where you stand? Well, stay with us!

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