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February 25, 2019

Ep.1062: Does Science Prove Intelligent Design?

Documenting the extraordinary creative intelligence behind nature

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Is the universe a result of random activity?

The universe is massive, but what about thy tiny things?

Why do we call human beings a privileged species?

What miracles are in the air?

Theme Scripture: Psalm 19:1

Atheists will tell you there is no scientific proof of God nor can there be.  They have a materialistic view of the universe that, by definition, excludes God.  Though this philosophy is pervasive in the world today, there is much evidence that reveals a great deal of willing ignorance in that belief.  Is science the only source of truth?  Does science really validate godlessness or show intelligent design?  On this podcast, we review a number of scientific ideas and questions that demonstrate the other side of the argument, namely, that a super-intelligent Creator is behind the existing of this universe and all life.

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It's easy (and by the way, futile) to try and debate the existence of God.  What you find is that you cannot actually “prove” God does or does not exist by looking into science.  What this debate will yield is evidence that some say absolutely points to an intelligent Designer behind our cosmos and all included in it.  Others will look at that same evidence and simply dismiss it as the result of random results based on random actions that randomly happened to fall into place.  Turns out that an acceptance of an intelligent Designer ends up being subject to how we choose to see things – our philosophical perspective.  So if proof is not an attainable result, why even have the discussion?

In our recent podcast, we approached this subject from a purely science and reason perspective.  We began with the big picture – the universe.  When you examine its elements, symmetry, vastness and its constants,we face an interesting conclusion.  The universe as we know it can only exist if a myriad of mysterious forces are exactly in balance.  What made these forces find their balance and keep them?  Were they purely random chance, or were they put in place with a purpose and a design?  The mathematical odds of random chance are so minute that one would get lost in the massiveness of the numbers needed to calculate them!

When we see a new car on the street, we take for granted that it was intentionally and intelligently designed and manufactured as a mode of transportation.  One would be hard-pressed to imagine that car coming together in all of its complexity as a result of pure chance!  Microbiology takes the complexity of a sophisticated automobile and dwarfs it in every way.  From tiny motors made of multiple and intricate parts that operate inside of bacteria, to kinesins that actually carry proteins within a single cell by walking along tiny bridges it self-creates as it "walks," there are thousands of microscopic evidences of breathtaking and intricate design.  Is this proof of Intelligent Design?

Check out our February 25, 2019 podcast, “Does Science Prove Intelligent Design?” for more.  We put the Bible aside and examine what science has revealed about the macro and micro complexity of every aspect of nature.  It is all truly astounding.  We believe a powerful and intelligent Designer is behind all of nature.  Let science show you why!


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