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Ep.1096: My Life is Full of Suffering – Am I Cursed?

Properly interpreting our misery and understanding biblical curses

My Life is Full of Suffering – Am I Cursed?

Theme Scripture: Romans 8:17


How often do we hear of someone who just seems to have everything going wrong in their lives? They suffer loss, they have physical ailments, they are deeply distressed and their life seems to be going nowhere.  Sometimes when we are that suffering person, we may begin to wonder, what did I do to deserve this?  Is God mad at me? Am I cursed?  When in dire circumstances these can be very human questions that actually have the ability to unravel our faith.  We can easily allow seeds of doubt to be planted in our hearts which leads to becoming unnerved in our minds.  Bottom line, if we weren’t thrown off by our circumstances, we can certainly be derailed by our reactions.  Does God really get mad at us?  As Christians, does He ever curse us?

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Weren't Adam and Eve cursed?

Even though we may not think so, the idea of God cursing individuals is actually a strange one. I say that because when we look in the Bible to find a history of God’s curses, it does not read the way we might expect. Let’s start with Genesis and the serious sins of disobedience Adam and Eve committed. When it came down to proclaiming consequences God began with Satan. The deceiver was in the form of a serpent and God did curse him, relegating him to the dust of the ground. When it came to Eve and then Adam, he did not curse them. He punished them, but there was no curse upon them. God did, however, curse the ground because of Adam. This curse implied that the ground outside of the garden would not have the same natural fertility as the ground in Eden. Essentially, God’s gift of a life-sustaining environment for his human family would need much more of their own effort to keep them going.

Wasn't Cain cursed?

The same basic theme is applied when Cain killed his brother Abel. The only curse recorded was again upon the ground and not upon Cain himself. So, what’s the point of all this? It is to establish that God (while He does use curses in some places) is not some curse-happy Dictator who vindictively spoils peoples' lives when they make Him unhappy.

Now let’s go back to the question of our personal pain and hardships. God does NOT curse us with suffering. On the other hand, a strong case can be made that He actually is blessing us because of and through these things. Check out our October 21, 2019 podcast, “My Life is Full of Suffering – Am I Cursed?” for details. Once we firmly establish what curses really are, how they work and why they are there, we then address suffering. We open up how the Bible speaks of trials, pain and trauma coming from many different kinds of experiences. We look at these hardships, weigh them in the context of God’s grace and reveal His extraordinary blessing and providence in their wake.

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  1. Good read! I believe some of us are destined for certain life paths regardless. I feel that my family and I are stricken with a generational curse. My circumstances are unchanged and cyclical, but I feel that God may one day remove the curse. I use to be upset about it, but now I embrace the suffering because I feel HE is preparing us for something greater. God bless!

    1. Thank you for writing. Hopefully you have been able to listen to this podcast episode to get a better understanding of our circumstances. – Christian Questions

  2. All my life the odds have been stacked against me, at age 10 the chances of ever being a mother were remived from my life. At 23 my beloved mum was murdered. t 23 i got married to a bad man, at 23 my brother brought me to Australia. He has never wanted me in his lufe since. I have had friends whom have all died, so now i isolate myself in thefear that if i get clise i will loae again. Ive had 2 brain tumours and 3 brain aneurysms as well as 6 blood clots on my lungs. I live in a city where i know no-one, there are days and even weeks i dont utter a word to a single person. I am so very lonely why me i ask all the time. What have i dine wrong to deserve all this pain and suffering

    1. We are so sorry to hear all of the terrible things you have gone through. It must be very exhausting to look back and see all you have endured. We do not know why of all people you are having all of these trying experiences. We can only encourage you to use your time and energy to somehow help others. Maybe if you can volunteer some time, you will be able to gain some strength to see you have a useful purpose and there are others who, believe it or not, can use your help and support. We also recommend doing something every day – reading the Bible, reading inspirational quotes, counting the blessings you DO have, listening to a Christian Questions podcast, writing a thank you note to someone, reaching out to someone who is also lonely, perhaps in a hospital bed or nursing home.

      There is always something you can do prayerfully to change your perspective if you can’t change your circumstances. Read the Psalms – even the great warrior King David was lonely: Psalm 25:16: Turn toward me and have mercy on me, for I am lonely and oppressed. Psalm 107:7: I lie awake, I have become like a lonely bird on a housetop.

      Search out beauty and wonder in life – it is there. Blessings might be hidden, but they are findable. It would be good for you also to seek medical care to make sure you are preventing or managing depression. Hopefully you have been able to listen to this podcast – My Life is Full of Suffering – Am I Cursed? for some practical scriptural advice. We also recommend our 3-part series on depression and anxiety. In our website’s search bar you can put in the episode numbers to find: 1124, 1125 and 1126.

      We hope these suggestions give you some ideas you can begin implementing right away. Please let us know how you are doing going forward. – Christian Questions

    2. I know what you mean Sharin. I’m Australian as well.
      Besides the brain tumours and the lung things I have had all sorts of things come my way that just seem insane to the regular person.
      I have even died twice. Once I went to hell in 2012 before I was saved (I know nobody cares but it is true) and Jesus brought me back. Also died in 2019 from a massive hommoarge but same story. God brought me back from the dead (minus the hell part as I was saved at the time).
      I live alone too. I’m 28.
      So I’m not old or anything.
      Life has just been a battle. Just so many bad things happening. So I understand.
      Just remember there is a devil that hates you. It’s not God doing it.
      Stay away from unsaved people. They will only be a massive tool for the enemy to use against you and they’ll tear you apart..and make your life worse. And make sure you pray protection over yourself constantly. And I mean constantly.
      Obviously you are a threat to the stupid enemy.. as am I, or else he wouldn’t be coming so hard at you.

      If you ever need to talk my number is removed by CQ) Text me. I know what it is like.
      God bless you.

  3. 5 year old son given drugs by my ex husband, abusive relationship, divorce, son incarcerated, alcoholic father, long term verbal assaults by adult daughter, no longer see grandsons, accidentally burnt my home down, abuse from daughter, dad was slowly murdered for his money, 3 year lawsuit against abusers, no justice in court, abusers rewarded with money, diagnosed with cancer. Released to work, got laid off, because of corona virus, no income, no money, no job. I’m cursed.

    1. Hi, Kelly, your description is just horrific and we are very sorry you have had to endure all of these hateful things. You remind us of the book of Job and all of his sufferings, and yet so many lessons and good came from them. Maybe reading the book would be helpful in your coping. Somehow there must be some blessings in your life you can point to. We are hoping you have someone you can lean on for help – a family member, friend, local clergy, community center – so that you can begin to get some “wins” and see your experiences as making you stronger and wiser.

      We have several podcast episodes for you to listen to with lots of practical and scriptural advise.

      Please see:
      Episode #1036: How Do I Strike Back at Betrayal?

      Episode #829: What Happens When Life Gets Broken?

      Episode #872: Is Forgiveness Really Necessary?

      Thank you for writing. – Christian Questions

      1. i feel like i could be going thru a bad karma like i noticed the little things around me that people say and it just feels like there judging me and all eyes are on me which leads me to feel stuck because of that and it feels like everytime i say something someone is jus gonna judge and it’s like everyone takes me as a joke

        1. Hi, Kiara, try not to let others ruin your confidence. Perhaps a social media break is appropriate. If you are doing the right thing and are following in Jesus’ footsteps, we should press on and continue to be unashamed for standing up for righteousness in all cases. Matthew 5:10 said “Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake…,” so we should expect that people will be judgmental and try to hold us back. Associate with likeminded people, other Christians, who will be supportive and encouraging. Spend time learning about the people of the Bible and how they fought the evil around them in their day. Here is a list of the podcast episodes to pick from for inspiration: https://christianquestions.com/category/character/bible-characters/ We hope this helps! – Christian Questions

  4. I became a Christian and was baptized in 2016. I was already dealing with schizoaffective disorder. A month after I was baptized my medication stopped working and I jumped out of a second story window. I broke my back and my ankle. I have two rods in my back and my ankle never healed properly. I ended up homeless, off medication and in jail for two years. I’m at a sober living waiting for SSI. I want to be dead and hopefully in heaven, though I thought my life would improve as a Christian, it sent me to hell on Earth. My family and friends no longer talk to me. I hate my life. I got a job, but had to quit due to pain in my hands, back and ankle. I could barely walk after shift. I feel like Job, but I know I will never recover from this. I hate my life with a passion and want to be off this earth.

    1. Hi, Jeff – we are very sorry to hear all of the unspeakable things you have gone through. Mental disorders are so, so difficult and impossible to understand unless you are the person going through the trauma. We are disturbed by your last statement and urge you to seek professional help to learn coping mechanisms and to try to put one foot in front of the other to find some sort of joy in your life, and to help find your place and purpose. #800-273-8255 is the suicide prevention hotline. We have recommended several podcasts in this post, but we hope that in conjunction with the biblical strategies we lay out, you will be able to dig deep in prayer and get assistance within your local community. We are praying for you to find a path forward. Christianity isn’t a promise to keep you out of the wilderness experiences of our life, but it does promise to lead you through them. Please try to stay strong and let us know how you are doing. – Christian Questions

  5. Well, I don’t necessarily think its God doing the punishment, that would be way too complex. You have to look at the universe. The universe tries to make things as simple as possible. I believe its more of a balance in the universe. Some of us are chosen to suffer so others can have. Its like Ying and Yang. For someone’s gain is another ones loss. I guess the term would be called “cursed” . I do think people are here to suffer and nothing can change that until their existence is finished. But I think we can’t terminate ourselves too quickly because he or she’s terms of existence may not have been fulfilled and are doomed to repeat it again. Whatever our existence is after this one on earth. Tell me what you think of my comment. I’m open to any criticism.

    1. Hi Luke, That’s not a bad take on the perception of being cursed. I grew up in a normal family and got a normal job, had a plan of how life was going to play out and it has to a degree but once I hit 30 it was like a curse was set upon me that I have not been able to shake. At 30 I had a major car crash after a lady crossed the centre line and hit me. My health insurance was canceled 2 weeks prior to this because we had to cut costs to buy our first home. For this woman to have hit me were she did in my car was what to police say is a one in a million shot as she hit me at high speed just were it would do the most damage. I expolded like a bomb with life changing results. I am now 50 and have lived in a world of pain ever since, that doctors can not help with. I have worked very hard for what I have and was able to buy a couple of investment properties, one was even a new build, from day one both of these houses were trouble. One had a false building report and cost us a lot of money and the builders of the new house built the wrong house which took years to resolve and in this country we can not sue people like you can in the US the victims here have very little rights. After 5 years of bad tenants and property managers on both properties we gave up on our dream of funding our retirement with these investments and sold them. Lost money on one house but made a bit on the other so we paid off one of our mortgages on our own home and with some money from just been made redundant from my job brought my very first new car. (Finding work has never been a problem for me) day one my new car had to be towed as it broke down, at 2000km it is back in the shop with a list of problems which they say are not showing up now. Because I work hard and long hours I like nice things so buy new when I can. New fridge, had to be replaced 3 times, new couch, had to be refunded after the third replacement. New tv, had to be replaced. Every product I have brought has had to be replaced…Is this just bad luck? My friends tell me all the time that I have worst luck they have ever seen. I buy a lotto ticket every week and have done for the last 20 years, have not had one win, not even minor so I keep buying them just to prove a point of being cursed. I check the ticket ever week and have now had on 3 occasions been 1 number off on every number to the first division winning numbers. Cursed? Now at 50 I now have a list of health problems stemming back from my car crash when I was 30, bad enough to give me grief but not bad enough for the doctors to find or care about. But being cursed is not just about the big issues its the small things every day that add up…is this all just bad luck, am I cursed or does the universe have a Yin and Yan to it were some people have bad luck to make up for the ones that have good Luck. If at the end there is a god running the show I will be after revenge.

  6. Man I’m telling you. All my life has been terrible. I suffer from PTSD from childhood till now 31 yr old. I can get right at the edge of something great an it gets ripped from me. I’ve embraced the suck for so damn long, I dont know any other. A. It sucks life sucks. I hate to say that but its.how I wish I was.never born. I use tone a born again Christian. But I let the devil win an gave up. Im ashamed of myself.

    1. We are so sorry you are having a hard time. We feel terrible that you say you wish you were never born, as there is always hope. We love 1 Corinthians 10:13, that promises God is faithful and He will always provide a way of escape from temptation and trials. We need to be on guard for where those lifelines are so we can be ready to grab them. It might even be something as basic as listening to Christian Questions and learning more about how to lean on God’s strength and providence rather than our own. PTSD is extremely difficult to deal with. We know some who have had great success using a therapist trained in EMDR (Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing). While we of course are not giving medical advice, perhaps you can google this to find a therapist in your area – maybe this can be another lifeline. In the meantime, we recommend our recent 2-part series on perseverance, where we interviewed 3 people with ongoing issues who gave their own God-honoring methods for putting one foot in front of the other. Here is the link to Part 1: How Do I Persevere When Life Gets Tough? https://christianquestions.com/character/1159-perserverance/
      Part 2: Episode #1160 https://christianquestions.com/character/1160-perseverence/
      Finally, we recommend donwnloaded (free, of course) the Christian Questions app, where you can easily listen to episodes that interest you. It is times like these when learning more about the Bible can make you stronger. Look out for blessings – they are everywhere when you look through the right “glasses.” We pray for God’s kingdom to come! – Christian Questions

  7. I am cursed. I have five auto-immune diseases; and now I’ve acquired a sixth which is wasting my body (and probably my organs) away.

    1. We just finished a 2-part podcast about perseverance, including advice from a woman with a serious autoimmune disease and how she views her illness. The volunteers at CQ are very familiar with dealing with autoimmune diseases. They are very frustrating because no one can answer why they appeared or how to get rid of them. I’m sure you have sought medical help, as there have been several breakthroughs with the immune system recently and certain drugs or regimens might be a huge help in curtailing the escalation. Please listen to Episode #1160 How Do I Persevere When Life Gets Tough? for more. https://christianquestions.com/character/1160-perseverence/Christian Questions

    1. We hope you have had a chance to listen to this entire podcast, including the second segment that talks about why bad things happen to good people. This is not God “paying you back,” but there are natural consequences to living in this sinful world. Please continue doing good and watch for the little blessings you will see in your life. Many of our podcasts deal with how we perceive our suffering. We just completed a 2-part series on perseverance we recommend. Here is the link to Part 1: https://christianquestions.com/character/1159-perserverance/ We hope this helps in your studies. – Christian Questions

  8. You know, I have seen people lie, steal, kill and they got everything in life. I have seen a man humiliate people and he is blessed with a family and 4 kids and a huge house. I have seen good people get shafted. I feel like a human punching bag. If God wants me to be a human punching bag, so be it………I can’t take much more of this I’m tired of living…..there will be one day I will stop being a punching bag for humanity…….I have thought about removing myself from this earth, because these is only so much a human can take.


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