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Ep.1175: Did God Make Heaven and Hell Humanity’s Destiny (Part II)

Unpacking the true meaning of hell and Judgment Day in Scripture

Did God Make Heaven and Hell Humanity’s Destiny (Part II)

Theme Scripture: Matthew 6:10


God does have a plan for the destiny of humanity. He always has. Think about it – God created man as the crowning feature of the earth’s system of life. Man was given dominion over the planet, sin entered and the whole thing seemed ruined. The thing is, God knew sin would enter. He knew man would fall. The journey through sin was to be part of an eternal education experience for all of humanity. In Part I of our series, we established that the Bible teaches the earth not only abides forever, but it will be housing humanity throughout that eternity. We also established that the pathway to heaven is available by invitation only. Walking that path requires life-long faith, sacrifice and obedience. While acknowledging we are sinners and loving Jesus are wonderful steps to take, they don’t get us to heaven. While these scriptural truths are enlightening, they raise MANY questions about the afterlife. What about hell? And what are all those unsaved people doing on earth? What about Judgment Day?

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Where will most of humanity end up in the afterlife?

The concept of an eternal burning hell of torment is a massive question when considering the  destiny of humanity. There are several scriptures in the teachings of Jesus that certainly seem to support it. But think about this concept it relates to the rest of the Bible. If hell is the destiny for those who disobey God, why did God tell Adam that the penalty of sin was death? Did God not tell the truth? If eternal torture is factual, then why was it not described at all outside of Jesus words and two symbolic scriptures in Revelation? Why did the Apostle Paul emphatically state “the wages of sin is death”? Why does the rest of the New Testament not seem to care about such a dramatic consequence?

If we take these questions and investigate the Scriptures in question with diligence and integrity, this whole issue begins to reveal itself. What we find is biblical logic and doctrine that debunks this false teaching. While this may be a relief, it adds more questions. Once you take away the belief that unbelievers will be eternally tortured, what do you do with them? Are they simply able to exist with out consequences? How fair would that be?  Do they just cease to exist? How could that be fair for those who never heard the name of Jesus?

Enter the Day of Judgment!

Understanding the biblical reality of how this period of time works solves all of these issues. Check out our April 26, 2021 podcast, “Did God Make Heaven and Hell Humanity’s Destiny? (Part II)" for more. On top of giving clear biblical direction on the hell of torment issue, we define what Judgment Day is and what it is not. We review the scriptural perspective on what really happens in the afterlife to all the unbelievers throughout history. The result is a crystal-clear picture of how God’s plan will treat believers and unbelievers in the future. Don’t miss how all the details fit together and reveal an inspirational and God-glorifying picture!

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  1. I really loved this topic.Your podcast and radio archive episodes have been such a blessing to me. I have been feeling alone in my struggles with faith and drawing closer to God, but my new goal is to try my best to find comfort in Gods plan when it seems hopeless. Thank you Jonathan,Rick,and Julie for everything you do.

    1. We are so humbled by what you said. Thank you so much. We are more than privileged to spend whatever time God allows in proclaiming the gospel message. Life is hard by design due to Satan’s influence, but there is hope and light and a wonderful plan God is implementing. May the Lord bless your studies. Please write anytime. – Christian Questions

  2. Wonderfully presented and clearly made easy to understand.This is the divine plan of the ages! Thank you.

    1. Hi, Joseph – we really appreciate your taking the time to write. May the Lord bless your studies! – Christian Questions


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