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VIDEO: Does God Make Heaven and Hell Humanity’s Destiny? (Part II)

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VIDEO: Does God Make Heaven and Hell Humanity’s Destiny? (Part II)

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The answers lie in understanding the biblical reality of “The Day of Judgment.” Watch this short vlog then listen to the full podcast of the same name for more details.

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  1. Good morning are there any scriptures that talk about the Great company?Are they on earth Or in Heaven?
    Do you have a podcast that goes over what differentiates the classes?Thanks for all that you do

    1. Hi, Andrew! Great question. We do not have a specific podcast, but this should get you started, and we will email you an audio sermon to listen to. The passage that directly applies to the Great Company, also termed “the Great Multitude,” is found In Revelation 7:9-17. Because of the many details it provides, we will quote the entire passage and point out some relevant details.
      Rev 7:9 After this I beheld, and, lo, a great multitude, which no man could number, of all nations, and kindreds, and people, and tongues, stood before the throne, and before the Lamb, clothed with white robes, and palms in their hands;
      Rev 7:10 And cried with a loud voice, saying, Salvation to our God which sitteth upon the throne, and unto the Lamb.
      Rev 7:11 And all the angels stood round about the throne, and about the elders and the four beasts, and fell before the throne on their faces, and worshipped God,
      Rev 7:12 Saying, Amen: Blessing, and glory, and wisdom, and thanksgiving, and honour, and power, and might, be unto our God for ever and ever. Amen.
      Rev 7:13 And one of the elders answered, saying unto me, What are these which are arrayed in white robes? and whence came they?
      Rev 7:14 And I said unto him, Sir, thou knowest. And he said to me, These are they which came out of great tribulation, and have washed their robes, and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.
      Rev 7:15 Therefore are they before the throne of God, and serve him day and night in his temple: and he that sitteth on the throne shall dwell among them.
      Rev 7:16 They shall hunger no more, neither thirst any more; neither shall the sun light on them, nor any heat.
      Rev 7:17 For the Lamb which is in the midst of the throne shall feed them, and shall lead them unto living fountains of waters: and God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes.
      It is important to know the larger context and see how this requires that the Great Company is a class that will eventually be in heaven. The setting goes back to chapters 4-5. There, God is seated on his throne. Jesus is standing before the throne and is surrounded by 24 elders sitting on their own thrones. He is described as “a lamb as if it had been slain” (5:6). He was the one found worthy to open the seal on the book of God.
      The 24 elders are seated around God’s throne (4:4). These are identified (in 5:8) as having vials full of “prayers of saints.” Because of this identification the 24 elders represent the saints of the Gospel Age. The number 24 is a reference back to the 24 course of Israel’s priesthood, showing the prospective work this class will do in God’s kingdom. They are also described in verse 10 as kings and priests of God.
      Along with the 24 elders millions of angels surround the throne of God, singing praises to Him (5:11, 12).
      In chapter 6 the lamb begins the work of opening the seals on the scroll that was in God’s hand. This describes the unfolding of God’s plan down through the Gospel Age.
      Chapter 7 then takes us to the end of the age and the sealing of the saints, the class of 144,000. This sealing is God’s mark of approval on those who will comprise the church class, the 24 elders of chapter 4. Immediately following this passage Is the text of the Great Company. Notice that their placement is in the same throne room of God. They “stood before the throne of God and are before the Lamb” (7:9). They are wearing white robes (a picture of justification) and are holding palms (a symbol of victory). In verse 10 they praise God who they see on the throne and praise the Lamb.
      In verse 13 one of the elders asks to identify this large group. The answer given in verse 14 is that they came out of great tribulation and washed their robes in the blood of the Lamb. These are clues that help us identify why anyone would be in this group and not a member of the 144,000. The reason they need to “wash their robes” is explained in Jude 1:23. “ And others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire; hating even the garment spotted by the flesh.”
      Verse 15 reveals that the Great Company is in heaven because they are before the throne of God and serve Him in His temple.
      With these detailed descriptions we can then understand who Jesus was referring to in Matthew 25:1-13 when he talked about the “wise and foolish virgins.”
      Also, knowing there are two classes saved during this age we can understand the meaning of the Apostle Paul’s statement in 1 Corinthians 3:11-15.
      “For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ. Now if any man build upon this foundation gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay, stubble; Every man’s work shall be made manifest: for the day shall declare it, because it shall be revealed by fire; and the fire shall try every man’s work of what sort it is. If any man’s work abide which he hath built thereupon, he shall receive a reward. If any man’s work shall be burned, he shall suffer loss: but he himself shall be saved; yet so as by fire.
      We are happy to help with any additional questions. May the Lord bless your studies! – Christian Questions


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