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What’s Going to Happen at the End of the World?

There is much confusion about what “the end of the world” actually means. Will the earth burn up? What happens and why? We look at many Scriptures that give us these answers.

Are the Jews God’s Chosen People?

Is it true that Jewish people are favored in God’s eyes and if that’s true, why bother being a Christian at all?

Am I a True Christian?

How do I know if I’m a true Christian? What should I look for to know if I am a real follower of Jesus or not?

How Do I Overcome Peer Pressure?

Peer pressure.  When we say those words we typically think about teenagers, school and bad decisions and those thoughts are accurate.  Young people face inordinate amounts of peer pressure on a regular basis and its effects can be devastating!  Here’s the thing – adults are also subject to peer pressure and its place in our […]

Are Natural Disasters Sending Us a Message?

As time goes on, many of us will look back at 2017 and remember it as a year of storms. We have had storms of political division and unrest, storms of tragic events ranging from terrorism to the senseless taking of innocent lives, and we have had literal storms – specifically three major hurricanes that […]

Why Didn’t God Make the Bible Easy to Understand? (Part II)

A few weeks ago we began a conversation about the Bible and its inherent challenges of understanding and interpretation.  As we discussed the book in all of its complexity, we suggested a very straightforward and simple conclusion:  the Bible is difficult to understand because it was purposely written to be difficult to understand.  Such a […]

Did Jesus and the Thief Go from the Cross to Paradise?

In the immensity and complexity of the book we call the Bible, there are some verses that have become somewhat famous…like the Christmas text “Good tidings of great joy…”  The football stadium text “For God so loved the world…  the character of God text “God is love…”.  Another text that is well known and deeply […]

Why Didn’t God Make the Bible Easy to Understand? (Part I)

Pick up a book or an article and start reading.  If that book or article is well-written, it will bring you to some kind of conclusion, some kind of understanding or realization that you didn’t have before.  Now, these realizations can be across a wide scope of subjects and learning, but the bottom line is […]

How Do I Deal With Enticing Temptations?

You hear the word “temptation.” What do you think of? For some of us it might be best to NOT answer this question out loud. For others it might be dark chocolate or getting even or pushing the envelope or wanting to take what is not ours. In every case, temptation is directly built upon […]

How Do I Defeat My Worst Enemy? Me!

In many ways we are daily in a fight for our lives.  There are so many choices that present themselves to us each and every day, many of which can distract and derail us from what is most important.  The biggest factor that determines whether we stay on track with life or go down some […]