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Is MY Christianity a Waste of Time?

Did you ever notice that there never seems to be enough time?  For some reason or other, we are always rushing around to do the things we need to do and we seem to scarcely be able to even take a breath in between this and that.  Our lives are often harried, and as a […]

Do Children Really Need Discipline?

Raising children is different than it used to be. Somehow or other, the lines between parents and children have become blurred. Somehow or other, the very idea of firm discipline has become associated with beatings and abuse. Somehow or other, our children’s feelings have become the foundation for our parental actions and responses. What happened […]

Is Christianity a Greedy Religion?

Jesus loves you! This is a true, simple and potentially life-changing statement. Once we accept what that three-word sentence actually means, it can become a steering mechanism for everyday of our lives, pointing us to righteousness, godliness and self-sacrifice. Jesus loves you. Pointed and refreshing, but what does it really mean? Does Jesus’ love for […]

Does Fear Torment Your Life?

Fear is a life dominator.  When fear wells up within us we are often physically paralyzed, speechless or at a loss for cogent thought.  When fear strikes we run, we hide or we cower before it as our new and merciless master.  When we see fear in others we can easily be drawn into its […]

Elijah (Part III) The Power of LEGACY!

We are so shortsighted.  Most of us can only see as far as the next phone, tablet or computer screen and we really don’t think much about we are seeing – we just want to see it, to have our minds toyed with and occupied, never giving thought to what is beyond and what is […]

Can Love Last a Lifetime?

“The best things in life are free.” That certainly can be true, but as always there is more to the story. Take love – the love that is between a husband and a wife as a for instance. While this love certainly should be free – freely given and freely received, it does have a […]

Elijah (Part II) The Power of Submission

Two weeks ago we talked about Elijah and the incredible courage he had toward accomplishing God’s will. We saw him prophesy, take responsibility, wait, perform miracles, wait some more, appear before his greatest enemy and overwhelmingly conquer in a challenge to prove that God is in fact God over all. The next thing we knew, […]

Did Jesus Die for Muslims?

As Christians, we pin all of our hopes on the belief that Jesus was crucified and died for our sins. This is the bottom line core reason for our coming to Christ for it speaks of him doing something for us out of pure love that we in no way could do for ourselves. To […]

Elijah (Part I) The Power of Courage

Courage is perhaps the most underrated, under-appreciated and invisible virtue of our time.  We are so busy complying with the status quo, with watching our words and with following what others say and do on social media that we seem to have forgotten the simple yet powerful virtue of courage.  Courage is stepping up, stepping […]

Was Jesus Politically Correct?

George Orwell’s 1949 book, 1984, was about the future.  It was a scary and suggestive look at what could happen to society if we didn’t protect our freedoms from totalitarianism.  The idea that “Big Brother is watching” was a fearful one, as this fictional story gave the feeling that what we say and think are […]