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What Does it Mean to be “Born Again”?

…Unless one is “born again.”  This phrase carries great meaning no matter what Christian denomination you come from.  The meaning of the phrase certainly changes depending upon your particular belief system, but the power of the phase remains intact. To be “born again” in all cases implies one of the most significant spiritual changes any […]

How Does God Touch Your Heart?

We all would like to think that we are special in some way before God. We want to be sure of His love for us and His guiding hand in our lives. For most of us, being special translates into a feeling – an emotional response that produces a sense of security. But is that […]

What Makes a Church a “Good Church”?

Christians like most other people are creatures of habit.  Although society has engineered dramatic changes in how we handle our lives, for many Christians the act of going to church remains a staple in their lives.  We go to church to do what?  Traditionally we have gone to learn about God, to have fellowship with […]

Does Our Pride Make Us Prejudiced? (Part II)

Last week we began our conversation by saying that pride can be a tricky thing and prejudice can be an awful thing.  We focused our attention on the pride side of the matter and its insidious way of taking over our lives.  Now it’s time to talk about prejudice, and this is a hard conversation […]

Does Our Pride Make Us Prejudiced? (Part I)

Pride can be a tricky thing and prejudice can be an awful thing.  Let’s focus on pride right now.  On the one hand we are told to take pride in our work – well, at least when I was a kid that’s what I was told!  We want to be proud of our children and […]

How Do You Manage Failure? Part II

Failure, as everyone knows, is an unlooked for and unwelcome commodity in life.  It disrupts our plans, impedes our progress, upsets our feelings and is generally intrusive to our lives.  As a result of failure’s glowing resume, we often do whatever we can to avoid it, and when we experience it we often try to […]

Does America Show Us the Nature of God?

241 years ago the course of world history changed, for on July 4th, 1776, the 13 colonies adopted “The Declaration of Independence” and proclaimed themselves to be The United States of America. Since then these United States have risen to become a world power and have been the source of many amazing world innovations. One […]

Does God Accept Us As We Are?

Have you noticed how easy it is to offend people these days?  There seems to be such an overt need to accept and to be accepted that we go overboard with the “correctness” of our words and behavior lest we hurt anyone’s feelings at any time.  Now, being accepting of others is a good thing, […]

How Do You Manage Failure? (Part I)

Nobody likes failure.  Even when we have been told that failure is good for us, that it is a stepping stone and that you don’t learn from success nearly as much as you learn from failure, we still don’t like it!  For many of us, failure can be discouraging, debilitating and even depressing.  So, what […]

Why Doesn’t Anyone Listen to Me?

We all need to be heard, and we all need to be acknowledged.   We all need that feeling of validation that comes with being personally recognized as having value, and all of this comes through the important tool of communication.  The problem is that we have become terrible at both the giving and receiving […]