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Years ago, in spite of being very busy with work, home and church, I looked deep and realized I had a propensity to waste my precious spare time with various sources of entertainment. I prayed that I would be more accountable for my time and that I would first seek to use it in the Lord’s service.

Shortly thereafter in 2010, I joined the all-volunteer team at CQ to create what is today the CQ Rewind Show Notes for each episode. This provided me with a weekly structure of accountability I craved, allowing me to “marinate” with the Bible lesson for that week over the course of the several days it took to compile the notes.  I was able to contribute but also learn a great deal in the process!

CQ Host, Jonathan and CQ Contributor Julie, chatting after a Bible discussion.

Over the years, the Lord has allowed my role to expand into working with our website, app, social media, answering listener questions and mentoring other groups of volunteers. More recently, I have been blessed to join Rick and Jonathan on air, with the goal of both adding a woman’s voice and perspective to the conversation, as well as to speak for the listeners.  I add listeners’ comments to the conversation and try to incorporate what I think they might ask in the moment.

I gave my life to the Lord shortly after the 9/11 tragedy, as I fervently want to be a part of the faithful followers of Jesus who will have a share in restoring the world of mankind back to our Heavenly Father as a “minister of reconciliation.”

I have been happily married for over two decades. My “happy place” is walking on a beach, marveling at God’s wonderful creation.