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born againEp. 1110: Are Christians Really Born Again?01/27/2020
praise and worship faithful christianEp. 1135: Are Praise and Worship Necessary To Be a Faithful Christian?07/20/2020
conflict resolutionEp. 1144: Can Biblical Strategies Resolve Serious Conflicts? (Part I)09/21/2020
conflict resolution part IIEp. 1146: Can Biblical Strategies Resolve Serious Conflicts? (Part II)10/05/2020
sinful, sins produce blessingsEp. 1123: Can Our Sins Ever Produce Blessings?04/27/2020
Apostle Paul vs. JesusEp. 1114: Did the Apostle Paul Contradict Jesus? Contradiction Series02/24/2020
other gods and idolsEp. 1147: Do I Have Other Gods and Idols in My Life?10/12/2020
Do I treat you as my neighborEp. 1138: Do I Treat You as My Neighbor?08/10/2020
gospel message of Jesus ChristEp. 1141: Does Christianity Preach the Gospel?08/31/2020
anxiety and depressionEp. 1124: Does My Anxiety or Depression Invalidate My Christianity? (Part I)05/04/2020
anxietyEp. 1125: Does My Anxiety or Depression Invalidate My Christianity? (Part II)05/11/2020
does Christianity preach the gospelEp. 1140: Does My Church Leadership Have It Right?08/24/2020
Apostle Paul contradictions 1Ep. 1111: Does the Apostle Paul Contradict Himself? (Part I): Contradictions Series02/03/2020
Apostle Paul contradictions 2Ep. 1112: Does the Apostle Paul Contradict Himself? (Part II): Contradiction Series02/10/2020
Coronavirus fit into God's PlanEp. 1119: Does the Coronavirus Fit Into God’s Plan?03/30/2020
ghosts, reincarnation humanity pt 1Ep. 1148: Ghosts, Reincarnation and Humanity – What’s Real? (Part I)10/19/2020
reincarnation ghostsEp. 1149: Ghosts, Reincarnation and Humanity – What’s Real? (Part II)10/26/2020
Giant slayer like DavidEp. 1129: How Can I Be a Giant Slayer Like David? Warriors of God Series06/08/2020
fight for God's purposes like DavidEp. 1130: How Can I Fight for God’s Purposes Like King David? Warriors of God Series06/15/2020
burnout part IEp. 1116: How Do I Avoid Burnout? (Part I)03/09/2020
burnout 2Ep. 1117: How Do I Avoid Burnout? (Part II)03/16/2020
anxiety and depression kidsEp. 1126: How Do We Cope With Anxiety and Depression in Our Kids? (Part III)05/18/2020
how merciful am IEp. 1118: How Merciful Am I?03/23/2020
how should Christians respond to racismEp. 1132: How Should Christians Respond to Racism? (Part I)06/29/2020
How should Christians respond to racism 2Ep. 1133: How Should Christians Respond to Racism? (Part II)07/06/2020
I don't think I love my spouseEp. 1115: I Don’t Think I Love My Spouse Anymore. What Now?03/02/2020
faith reason or reason faithEp. 1137: Is Faith Built On Reason or Is Reason Built On Faith?08/03/2020
obedience sacrificeEp. 1128: Is Obedience More Important Than Sacrifice?06/01/2020
COVID-19 Christianity being testedEp. 1145: Is Your COVID-19 Christianity Still Being Tested?09/28/2020
Jesus is RaisedEp. 1121: Jesus is Raised! How Does That Change Me?04/13/2020
Paul or Matthias real apostleEp. 1113: Paul or Matthias: Who Was the Real 12th Apostle? Contradiction Series02/17/2020
isolation coronovirusEp. 1122: Should the Coronavirus Change My Christianity?04/20/2020
Thou shalt not covetEp. 1139: Thou Shalt Not Covet – Is It Wrong to Want?08/17/2020
what Jesus teaches us about moneyEp. 1134: What Did Jesus Teach Us About Money?07/13/2020
warrior of truthEp. 1131: What Does it Mean to be a Warrior for Truth? David and Abigail – Warriors of God Series06/22/2020
God's name in vainEp. 1136: What Does It Mean to Take God’s Name In Vain?07/27/2020
What does Jesus expect from usEp. 1143: What Does Jesus Expect From Us?09/14/2020
sabbathEp. 1127: What Does the Sabbath Look Like for Christians?05/25/2020
what things troubled JesusEp. 1120: What Things Troubled Jesus?04/06/2020
steps to heaven part 1Ep. 1108: What Three Steps Will Get Us to Heaven? (Part I)01/13/2020
three steps-heaven part IIEp. 1109: What Three Steps Will Get Us to Heaven? (Part II)01/20/2020
Why did God allow slaveryEp. 1142: Why Did God Allow Slavery in the Bible?09/07/2020
does time matter in God's planEp. 1107: Why Does Time Matter in God’s Plan?01/06/2020