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habits kept or brokenEp. 1106: Should My Habits Be Kept or Broken?12/30/2019
spirit of ChristmasEp. 1105: What is the True Spirit of Christmas?12/23/2019
making decisionsEp. 1104: How Do I Know My Decisions Are Right?12/16/2019
desensitized to sinEp. 1103: Have We Become Too Desensitized to Sin?12/09/2019
how can criticism help us growEp. 1102: How Can Criticism Help Us Grow?12/02/2019
thankful when life is hardEp. 1101: How Can We Be Thankful When Life is So Hard?11/25/2019
people turn into angelsEp. 1100: Do People Turn Into Angels When They Die?11/18/2019
Jewish TabernacleEp. 1099: Should Christians Care About the Jewish Tabernacle?11/11/2019
Who was GideonEp. 1098: Who Was Gideon?11/04/2019
satanismEp. 1097: What is Satanism?10/28/2019
My life is full of sufferingEp. 1096: My Life is Full of Suffering – Am I Cursed?10/21/2019
Jesus died for youEp. 1095: Jesus Died For You! Are You Dying For Him?10/14/2019
How do you handle being uprootedEp. 1094: How Do You Handle Being Uprooted in Your Life?10/07/2019
does prayer change God's mind?Ep. 1093: Do Our Prayers Change God’s Mind?09/30/2019
toxic peopleEp. 1092: How Do You Deal With Toxic People in Your Life?09/23/2019
contradictions about JesusEp. 1091: Contradictions (Part VI): Do the Accounts of Jesus’ Life Contradict Themselves?09/16/2019
contradictions in creationEp. 1090: Contradictions (Part V): What Profound Secret Does Creation Reveal?09/09/2019
resurrection contradictionsEp. 1089: Contradictions (Part IV): Why So Many Contradictions Surrounding Jesus’ Resurrection?09/02/2019
contradictions about GodEp. 1088: Contradictions (Part III): Does God Contradict Himself?08/26/2019
gossipEp. 1087: If I Slander and Gossip, What Does That Say About Me?08/19/2019
ransom and salvation - being savedEp. 1086: Are Jesus’ Ransom and Our Salvation the Same?08/12/2019
Am I a Jealous ChristianEp. 1085: Am I a Jealous Christian?08/05/2019
Old Testament LawEp. 1084: Does the Old Testament Law Apply to Me?07/29/2019
End times resurrectionEp. 1083: What is the End Times Resurrection About? How Does It Work?07/22/2019
repentanceEp. 1082: How Do I Live a Life of Repentance?07/10/2019
prodigal son - return to GodEp. 1081: Does God Really Love Humanity? (Part II)07/08/2019
preach the gospel - preaching worldwideEp. 1080: Preach the Gospel! What Does That Mean?07/01/2019
masks representing humanityEp. 1079: Does God Really Love Humanity? (Part I)06/24/2019
fathers - fatherhoodEp. 1078: Is Fatherhood Still Vital?06/17/2019
Christian unityEp. 1077: We Are Christians, But Are We Unified?06/10/2019
Bible contradict - contradictionEp. 1076: Contradictions: (Part II) Does the Bible Contradict Itself?06/03/2019
arroganceEp. 1075: Am I an Arrogant Christian?05/27/2019
judge - judgmentEp. 1074: Does God Judge Everyone the Same Way?05/20/2019
present for motherEp. 1073: Is Motherhood Still Vital?05/13/2019
contradictionEp. 1072: Contradictions (Part I): Does the Bible Contradict Itself?05/06/2019
should we criticize - criticismEp. 1071: Should Christians Criticize Anyone?04/29/2019
final prayersEp. 1070: What Can We Learn From Jesus’ Final Prayers?04/22/2019
last supperEp. 1069: What Happened at the Last Supper?04/15/2019
sound mindEp. 1068: Do I Have a Sound Christian Mind?04/08/2019
hope - brighter viewEp. 1067: Do Christians Need Hope in Their Lives?04/01/2019
God's willEp. 1066: Do I Seek God’s Protection or His Permission?03/25/2019
priority - prioritiesEp. 1065: What Was Jesus’ Top Priority?03/18/2019
indecision - story of LotEp. 1064: Is He Who Hesitates Really Lost? The Story of Lot03/11/2019
Queen EstherEp. 1063: Is This the Moment You Were Created For? (Part II)03/04/2019
intelligent designEp. 1062: Does Science Prove Intelligent Design?02/25/2019
baptism multiple typesEp. 1061: How Many Baptisms Are There?02/18/2019
strong marriageEp. 1060: What Does a Marriage Need to Be Strong?02/11/2019
holy different separateEp. 1059: You’re a Christian, But Are You Holy?02/04/2019
communicationEp. 1058: Do You Communicate or Just Talk?01/29/2019
EstherEp. 1057: Is This the Moment You Were Created For?01/21/2019
hypocrite - two facedEp. 1056: What Makes a Christian a Hypocrite?01/14/2019
Are the wicked winning - wickednessEp. 1055: Are the Wicked Winning?01/07/2019