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Ep. 639: Where is the Real Christmas?12/26/2010
Ep. 638: What Do You Want?12/19/2010
Ep. 637: So, Do You Think You’re Holy?12/12/2010
Ep. 636: What About Revenge?12/05/2010
Ep. 635: Got Gratitude?11/28/2010
Ep. 634: How Do YOU Find Jesus?11/21/2010
Ep. 633: Do Money and the Gospel Belong Together?11/14/2010
Great PyramidEp. 632: The Great Pyramid – God’s Message Board?11/07/2010
Ep. 631: Should Halloween Make Us Happy?10/31/2010
Ep. 630: Does God Exist?10/24/2010
Ep. 629: Does God Even Need Us?10/17/2010
slaveryEp. 628: Did God Ever Sanction Slavery?10/10/2010
Good SamaritanEp. 627: Who is My Neighbor?10/03/2010
Ep. 626: How Fruitful is Your Life?09/26/2010
faith and reasonEp. 625: Can Faith and Reason Work Together?09/19/2010
Ep. 624: Are We Hard-Hearted?09/12/2010
Ep. 623: What’s MY Role?09/05/2010
Ep. 622: Murmur Much?08/29/2010
Ep. 621: What About Hell?08/22/2010
Ep. 620: Will God Save the Earth? (Part II)08/15/2010
Ep. 619: Will God Save the Earth? (Part I)08/08/2010
Ep. 618: What’s Next for Israel in Prophecy? (Part II)08/01/2010
Ep. 617: Where Else Would We Go?07/25/2010
shameEp. 616: Are You Ashamed of the Gospel of Christ?07/18/2010
Ep. 615: Who Sets Our Moral Standards?07/11/2010
Ep. 614: One Nation Under Who?07/04/2010
Ep. 613: What’s Next for Israel in Prophecy? (Part I)06/27/2010
Ep. 612: What Makes a Dad?06/20/2010
Ep. 611: Why Do We Pray?06/13/2010
Ep. 610: Is YOUR Foundation Solid?06/06/2010
Ep. 609: What Makes a Christian Leader?05/30/2010
Ep. 608: Is God Biased? (Part II)05/23/2010
Ep. 607: Is God Biased? (Part I)05/16/2010
Ep. 606: What Makes a Mom?05/09/2010
Ep. 605: How Do We Cope with Personal Loss?05/02/2010
Ep. 604: How should a Christian View Politics?04/25/2010
godlyEp. 603: Exactly What Does it Take to be Godly?04/18/2010
OMGEp. 602: Are WE Taking God’s Name in Vain?04/11/2010
Ep. 601: His Ransom – Our Redemption04/04/2010
Ep. 600: How did Jesus Prepare?03/28/2010
Ep. 599: Do You Always Watch What You Say?03/21/2010
Ep. 598: How Big of a Burden is Bitterness?03/14/2010
Ep. 597: Does Delay Equal Disaster?03/07/2010
Ep. 596: Should it be “Choice” or “Life?”02/28/2010
Ep. 595: Does the Holy Spirit Speak?02/21/2010
Ep. 594: Does It Have to be “Til Death do us Part?”02/14/2010
Ep. 593: Is Christian Love Different?02/07/2010
Ep. 592: Are You Armed for Battle?01/31/2010
Ep. 591: The Haitian Earthquake – Could God have Stopped it?01/24/2010
Ep. 590: Is Oil Really Important?01/17/2010
Ep. 589: How Should a Christian Relate to War?01/10/2010
wisdomEp. 588: Has Wisdom Been Forgotten?01/03/2010