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Ep. 950: Are You Dreaming of the Right Christmas?12/26/2016
physical therapy bearEp. 949: Does Physical Therapy Teach Us Spiritual Wellbeing?12/19/2016
Ep. 948: Why Do Some Think God is a Monster?12/12/2016
Ep. 947: Why Are We SO STRESSED?!?12/05/2016
holy spiritEp. 946: How Can I Get the Holy Spirit?11/28/2016
Ep. 945: Is Gratitude Your Attitude?11/21/2016
Ep. 944: Once Saved, Are You Set for Life?11/14/2016
joyEp. 943: Is Your Heart Looking for Jesus? The Story of Zacchaeus11/03/2016
souls crossing over, cross overEp. 942: Can Souls “Cross Over” on Halloween?10/31/2016
Ep. 941: Is Suicide an Unforgivable Sin?10/24/2016
Ep. 940: Is the Price of Christianity Too High?10/17/2016
Ep. 939: How Do You Know God Can Trust You?10/10/2016
Who is GodEp. 938: Who is God?10/03/2016
Ep. 937: Should We EVER Lie?09/26/2016
group of girls and gossipEp. 936: Does Gossip Really Hurt Anyone?09/19/2016
light streaming representing forgivenessEp. 935: Does God Really Forgive Me?09/12/2016
day of judgmentEp. 934: Will Sinners Be Happy on Judgment Day?09/05/2016
faith vs. reasonEp. 933: What Do YOU Have Faith In?08/29/2016
Ep. 932: Christian Questions: Looking Back Through 18 Years of Hope and Faith08/28/2016
Where is God? Has He lost controlEp. 931: Has God Lost Control of Our World?08/21/2016
Ep. 930: Who is Satan?08/14/2016
Ep. 929: How Do You Define “Hero”?08/07/2016
Ep. 928: What Should We Be Praying For?07/31/2016
intelligent design - woman looking at binary codeEp. 927: Does Science Show the Existence of a Creator?07/24/2016
Ep. 926: But Do You Really Like Yourself?07/10/2016
Ep. 925: Freedom and Responsibility – Still Important?07/03/2016
Ep. 924: How Do You Stand When Life Gets Too Heavy?06/26/2016
Ep. 923: Is WHAT You Believe that Big of a Deal?06/19/2016
woman falling implying trustEp. 922: How Do You Learn to Truly Trust?06/12/2016
people watching sunset - inspireEp. 921: How Can I Inspire Like Jesus?06/05/2016
resentmentEp. 920: How Can Resentment Lead to Death?05/26/2016
Ep. 919: Should We Be Our Brother’s Keeper?05/22/2016
wage discrimination coin and workersEp. 918: Did Jesus Support Wage Discrimination?05/15/2016
Ep. 917: Why Should We Love Our Enemies?05/08/2016
decisionEp. 916: How Do You Know What God Wants You To Do?05/01/2016
Ep. 915: What Does Courage Look Like?04/24/2016
Ep. 914: Will My Regrets Ever Leave Me Alone? (Part II)04/17/2016
Ep. 913: Did the Prophet Daniel See the Future?04/10/2016
sticker for regretsEp. 912: Will My Regrets Ever Leave Me Alone? (Part I)03/30/2016
Ep. 911: What is the Legacy of Jesus’ Death and Resurrection?03/27/2016
Ep. 910: How Did Raising Others to Life Prepare Jesus for Death?03/20/2016
ISIS in the BibleEp. 909: What Does the Bible Say About the ISIS Crisis?03/13/2016
futureEp. 908: What Will the World Look Like in the 22nd Century?03/06/2016
attitude checkEp. 907: Does Christianity Require an Attitude Check?02/28/2016
gospelEp. 906: Is the Power of the Gospel Fading?02/17/2016
stay in love after a long relationshipEp. 905: So, How Do You Stay in Love?02/14/2016
Ep. 904: Would Jesus and Muhammad Have Agreed?02/07/2016
Ep. 903: Does God Really Keep His Promises?01/31/2016
Bible and jumper cables for a new ChristianEp. 902 : So, Where Do I Start?01/24/2016
parentingEp. 901: Our Children: Will They Ever Grow Up?01/17/2016
raptureEp. 900: So, When Does the Rapture Happen?01/10/2016
reflectionEp. 899: Do You Like What You See in the Mirror?01/03/2016