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Do We Have the Power of the Holy Spirit?

Are Christians Supposed to Be Healed?

To have faith is to have an awesome power, for it connects you to something outside of yourself and sometimes to something within yourself that can alter your way of life. Now, depending on what you put your faith in, this altered way of life can end up leading to great advantage or to great disappointment. One thing many Christians put their faith is in the concept of miraculous healing. Today’s discussion will revolve around this pointed question: Should Christians seek or even believe in the miraculous faith healing claims that many make and live by in the name of Christ?

Can Christians Heal Disease?

Sickness and disease are a scourge of humanity. Far too often we witness good and decent people contract some serious disease or malady and we watch as their quality of life goes from bad to worse. Science and medicine have worked wonders in the fight against such things, but the battle still rages on. The Bible reveals many examples of healings – miraculous healings that overcome sickness. Are we as Christians privy to that miraculous healing power today? Can we and should we stand in the path of illness, claiming the name of Jesus as our rightful miracle cure?