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March 22, 2015

Ep.858: Are Christians Supposed to Be Healed?

Today's "healers" - methods compared to biblical healing

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What were the common denominators of Jesus' healing practices?

If healing wasn't a reward for faith, why did he heal?

Did faith play an important role in the healing by the Apostles?

Did the Apostles ever heal those who were standing against them?

What about healing the brotherhood?

Theme Scripture: James 5:15

To have faith is to have an awesome power, for it connects you to something outside of yourself and sometimes to something within yourself that can alter your way of life. Now, depending on what you put your faith in, this altered way of life can end up leading to great advantage or to great disappointment. One thing many Christians put their faith is in the concept of miraculous healing. Today’s discussion will revolve around this pointed question: Should Christians seek or even believe in the miraculous faith healing claims that many make and live by in the name of Christ?

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2 replies
  1. Beverly Hayes
    Beverly Hayes says:

    I have a question that’s been on my mind for awhile: If Jewish people do not believe in Jesus, how will they be able to go to Heaven?
    I love your program and listen almost every Sunday even from CA over the Holidays via your app. Last Sunday (March 15) I went to church at 8am instead of 11am and was so happy to see you were on the WXLM Podcast which let me listen when I returned home. I was eager to listen this Sunday, but you were not on the podcast list. I know I can listen later this week when I get your email, but I’m disappointed in WXLM. And the 980AM-WXLM websites did not have an email to write to. I’m not sure Jessica is the right person to talk to about this. If you have a suggestion to help me get you on their podcast list let me know. Thank you for the wonderful things you are teaching me.

  2. robin
    robin says:

    Excellent program! Very informative, well thought-out, and well delivered. You guys are the bomb!!!


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