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Santa Claus ChristmasEp. 898 : Does the Day Belong to Jesus or Santa Claus?12/27/2015
Ep. 897 : Are Demons Real?12/20/2015
Ep. 896: How is Jesus “The Life”? (Part III)12/13/2015
angelsEp. 895 : Do Angels Protect You?12/06/2015
thanksgivingEp. 894 : Can Thanksgiving Change Your Life?11/29/2015
lighthouse signifying hopeEp. 893 : Is There Any Hope Left?11/22/2015
foundation - buildingEp. 892 : What Have You Built YOUR Life Upon?11/12/2015
Jesus as The TruthEp. 891 : How is Jesus “The Truth”? (Part II)11/08/2015
nuclear warEp. 890 : Are Nuclear War and Armageddon Coming Soon?11/01/2015
paganism, paganEp. 889 : How Much of Our Life is Pagan?10/25/2015
covetingEp. 888 : Is Wanting What Others Have Really That Bad?10/18/2015
The WayEp. 887 : How is Jesus “The Way”? (Part I)10/11/2015
God's loveEp. 886 : Is it Love?10/04/2015
anger - childrenEp. 885 : What Are We So Angry About?09/27/2015
baptismEp. 884 : Should Everyone Be Baptized?09/20/2015
clouds representing the kingdom of heavenEp. 883: How Did Jesus Describe “The Kingdom of Heaven”?09/10/2015
permission of evilEp. 882: So, Why Hasn’t God Destroyed Evil?09/02/2015
flames - tormentEp. 881: Do the Fires of Hell Come From God? (Part III)08/30/2015
race enduranceEp. 880: How Do We Develop Endurance?08/23/2015
homosexuality - genders togetherEp. 879: The Gay Marriage Law – How Do We Respond?08/16/2015
right wrong Ten CommandmentsEp. 878: The Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule – Why Bother?08/09/2015
Ep. 877: How Does God Speak to Us Here and Now? (Part II)08/02/2015
hellfire GehennaEp. 876: Do the Fires of Hell Come From God? (Part II)07/26/2015
origin of the Bible - old scrollEp. 875: So, Where Does the Bible Come From?07/19/2015
covenantsEp. 874: God’s Three Great Promises – Which One is For You?07/12/2015
fireworks - Christianity in AmericaEp. 873: Is America Losing Its Christian Principles?07/05/2015
charleston church forgivenessEp. 872: Is Forgiveness Really Necessary?06/28/2015
Ep. 871: How Does God Speak to Us Here and Now? (Part I)06/21/2015
Ep. 870: Why Cornelius? Why a Soldier? (Part II)06/14/2015
hellfire is false - weeping and gnashing of teethEp. 869: Do the Fires of Hell Come From God? (Part I)06/07/2015
voice of JesusEp. 868: Can You Recognize His Voice?05/31/2015
speaking in tonguesEp. 867: Should Christians Speak in Tongues?05/24/2015
Ep. 866: Why Cornelius? Why a Soldier? (Part I)05/17/2015
Ep. 865: Does the Bible Advocate for Women’s Rights?05/10/2015
Ep. 864: So, How Does Jesus Get You Going?05/03/2015
dice to roll for decision makingEp. 863: So, How Do You Make a Decision?04/26/2015
Ep. 862: When Should We Stand and When Should We Run?04/19/2015
Ep. 861: Where Does Your Soul Go When You Die? (Part II)04/12/2015
Resurrection from the graveEp. 860: Jesus Lives!04/04/2015
passoverEp. 859: Israel’s Passover – What Does It Mean To Us?03/29/2015
Ep. 858: Are Christians Supposed to Be Healed?03/22/2015
Ep. 857: Where Does Your Soul Go When You Die? (Part I)03/15/2015
talking with string cans; communicationEp. 856: Are There Secrets to Better Communication?03/08/2015
money bag - wealthy churchEp. 855: Why Aren’t You a Wealthy Christian?03/01/2015
Ep. 854: Does the Bible Support Racism? (Part II)02/22/2015
Ep. 853: Has the Marriage Institution Lost Its Luster?02/15/2015
Ep. 852: What Really Happens on Judgment Day?02/08/2015
symbol representing an atheistsEp. 851: Did Jesus Die For Atheists?02/01/2015
selfiesEp. 850: What Do “Selfies” Say About Us?01/25/2015
curse of HamEp. 849: Does the Bible Support Racism? (Part I)01/18/2015
marriage equally yoked believersEp. 848: Should Christians Marry Only Christians?01/11/2015
Ep. 847: If You Could Change One Thing, What Would it Be?01/04/2015