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birth of JesusEp. 1001: What Would Jesus Have Said to YOU?12/26/2017
man in church prayer and meditationEp. 1000: Will Prayer Change Your Life?12/18/2017
complaining by ringing bell to get attentionEp. 999: Does Complaining Ever Help?12/11/2017
heart on fire signifying desire to changeEp. 998: How Do You Change Your World? (Part II)12/04/2017
are you ready for changeEp. 997: How Do You Change Your World? (Part I)11/27/2017
Gratitude changes everythingEp. 996: How Do I Make Gratitude My Constant Companion?11/20/2017
desert - John the BaptistEp. 995: What Made John the Baptist So Special?11/13/2017
mistakesEp. 994: How Do I Handle It When I Am Wrong?11/06/2017
witchcraft toolsEp. 993: Should We Be Worried About Witchcraft?10/30/2017
Angel and Devil on Woman's Shoulders - contemplating sinEp. 992: Are We SURE Sin is Really Sinful?10/23/2017
Peer PressureEp. 991: How Do I Overcome Peer Pressure?10/16/2017
natural disastersEp. 990: Are Natural Disasters Sending Us a Message?10/09/2017
Bible studyEp. 989: Why Didn’t God Make the Bible Easy to Understand? (Part II)10/02/2017
thief on the crossEp. 988: Did Jesus and the Thief Go from the Cross to Paradise?09/25/2017
understand the BibleEp. 987: Why Didn’t God Make the Bible Easy to Understand? (Part I)09/18/2017
temptationEp. 986: How Do I Deal With Enticing Temptations?09/11/2017
Ep. 985: How Do I Defeat My Worst Enemy? Me!09/04/2017
Ep. 984: But It’s Wrong! Can’t I Hate It?08/28/2017
Ep. 983: What Does it Mean to be “Born Again”?08/21/2017
touch your heartEp. 982: How Does God Touch Your Heart?08/07/2017
going to churchEp. 981: What Makes a Church a “Good Church”?07/31/2017
Ep. 980: Does Our Pride Make Us Prejudiced? (Part II)07/24/2017
Ep. 979: Does Our Pride Make Us Prejudiced? (Part I)07/17/2017
Ep. 978: How Do You Manage Failure? Part II07/10/2017
natureEp. 977: Does America Show Us the Nature of God?07/03/2017
accepted - come as you areEp. 976: Does God Accept Us As We Are?06/26/2017
failureEp. 975: How Do You Manage Failure? (Part I)06/19/2017
Ep. 974: Why Doesn’t Anyone Listen to Me?06/12/2017
Christianity as the light of the worldEp. 973: Is Christianity Really the Light of the World?06/05/2017
Ep. 972: What’s Your Hurry?05/29/2017
revenge - egg crackingEp. 971: How Sweet is Revenge?05/22/2017
Ep. 970: Does Your Mind Have Fraud Protection?05/15/2017
Ep. 969: Will God’s Vengeance Squash Us Like Bugs?05/08/2017
Ep. 968: Why Can’t I Just Be Happy?05/01/2017
computer search for pornographyEp. 967: Virtual Sex and Pornography – Does God Care?04/24/2017
Ep. 966: Jesus’ Resurrection – What Changed?04/17/2017
crucifixionEp. 965: How Were Politics Part of Jesus’ Crucifixion?04/10/2017
Ep. 964: So, What Are My Choices?04/03/2017
Ep. 963: When is Compassion Wrong?03/27/2017
time managementEp. 962: Is MY Christianity a Waste of Time?03/20/2017
Ep. 961: Do Children Really Need Discipline?03/13/2017
greedyEp. 960: Is Christianity a Greedy Religion?03/06/2017
pushing over fearEp. 959: Does Fear Torment Your Life?02/27/2017
Elijah the power of legacyEp. 958: Elijah (Part III) The Power of LEGACY!02/20/2017
Ep. 957: Can Love Last a Lifetime?02/13/2017
Elijah - power of submissionEp. 956: Elijah (Part II) The Power of Submission02/06/2017
Muslims and ChristianityEp. 955: Did Jesus Die for Muslims?01/30/2017
Ep. 954: Elijah (Part I) The Power of Courage01/23/2017
politically correctEp. 953: Was Jesus Politically Correct?01/16/2017
compromiseEp. 952: How Much Should Christians Compromise?01/09/2017
clcoks - consistencyEp. 951: So, What Should I Be Doing Differently?01/02/2017