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Christmas story - starEp. 846: What is the Point of Christmas?12/28/2014
Ep. 845: How Should We Be Praying?12/21/2014
mind of God - Bible studyEp. 844: Can We Know the Mind of God? (Part II)12/14/2014
Noah ark animalsEp. 843: What Can We Learn From Noah? (Part II)12/07/2014
Ep. 842: How Often Does Thankfulness Occur to You?11/30/2014
Ep. 841: How Bright is the Light of Your Life?11/23/2014
Ep. 840: A World in Chaos! Should We Be Afraid?11/16/2014
mind of God - Bible studyEp. 839: Can We Know the Mind of God? (Part I)11/09/2014
Ep. 838: How Many Resurrections Will There Be?11/02/2014
Ep. 837: How Bad Can White Witchcraft Be?10/26/2014
Ep. 836: Is the Same God Behind Islam and Christianity?10/19/2014
Ep. 835: Do We Take God’s Name in Vain?10/12/2014
Noah ark animalsEp. 834: What Can We Learn From Noah? (Part I)10/05/2014
Ep. 833: So, Where Should Our Moral Standards Come From?09/28/2014
Ep. 832: Does the Devil Really Exist?09/21/2014
Ep. 831: Practically Speaking, How Do We Love Our Enemies?09/14/2014
Ep. 830: Is God Really the Creator?09/07/2014
rape survivorEp. 829: What Happens When Life Gets Broken?08/31/2014
Ep. 828: Is Loving God Enough?08/24/2014
Ep. 827: How Do We Develop Unshakable Faith?08/17/2014
Ep. 826: Why Focus On Fasting and Prayer?08/10/2014
Ep. 825: But What if You Just Can’t See It?08/03/2014
Ep. 824: What Did Jesus Say About Israel?07/27/2014
Ep. 823: What Can We Learn From the Miracle Worker?07/20/2014
hateEp. 822: Is it Ever Okay to Hate?07/09/2014
Ep. 821: What Does Freedom Mean to a Christian?07/06/2014
Ep. 820: What is the Fruit of Your Life? (Part II)06/29/2014
Ep. 819: Should Christians Be Politically Motivated?06/22/2014
sin, Adam and EveEp. 818: Where Does Sin Come From?06/15/2014
Ep. 817: Did Jesus Live According to a Script?06/08/2014
Ep. 816: Do I Really Have to Suffer for Christ?06/01/2014
Ep. 815: How Do YOU Cope?05/25/2014
Ep. 814: What is the Fruit of Your Life? (Part I)05/18/2014
Ep. 813: Why Was Daniel So Special? (Part III)05/11/2014
Ep. 812: Has Your Focus Changed Enough?05/04/2014
frayed material symbolizing stress of divorceEp. 811: What About Divorce?04/27/2014
Ep. 810: Jesus is Risen and the World is Saved!04/20/2014
Ep. 809: Jesus Was Prepared…Are You?04/13/2014
Ep. 808: Why Was Daniel So Special? (Part II)04/06/2014
Ep. 807: What is the History of Hellfire?03/28/2014
Ep. 806: Why Was Daniel So Special? (Part I)03/23/2014
Ep. 805: Can the World Be Restored?03/16/2014
Ep. 804: How Does God’s Spirit Work?03/09/2014
Ep. 803: What is That in Your Hand?03/02/2014
Ep. 802: Where Do We Find Wisdom?02/23/2014
Ep. 801: Marriage…Why Bother?02/16/2014
Ep. 800: Are Promises Made to be Broken?02/09/2014
Ep. 799: Is Jesus Really Returning? (Part II)02/02/2014
Ep. 798: Should We Be Gender Neutral? (Part II)01/26/2014
Ep. 797: Is Jesus Really Returning? (Part I)01/19/2014
Ep. 796: Should We Be Gender Neutral? (Part I)01/12/2014
Ep. 795: What Talents Do You Have?01/05/2014