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Ep. 742: New Year – New Beginning – Now What?12/31/2012
Ep. 741: What Hope Can There Be in the Face of Such Tragedy?12/23/2012
Ep. 740: Is it THE END? Were the Mayans Right?12/16/2012
Ep. 739: How Reliable Are Your Promises?12/09/2012
Ep. 738: Do Our Bad Habits Control Us?12/02/2012
Ep. 737: How Do You Live With Gratitude?11/25/2012
Ep. 736: Is Your Hope Real?11/18/2012
Ep. 735: Are Women as Important as Men?11/11/2012
politicsEp. 734: Who is God’s Candidate?11/04/2012
witchcraft - spooky sceneEp. 733: Why Do We Celebrate Death and Witchcraft?10/28/2012
armor of GodEp. 732: Got Armor?10/21/2012
Ep. 731: Are Muslims and Christians Compatible? (Part II)10/14/2012
Ep. 730: Communicate Much?10/07/2012
Ep. 729: Complain Much?09/30/2012
Ep. 728: Are Muslims and Christians Compatible? (Part I)09/23/2012
Ep. 727: Did God Create or Did WE Evolve?09/18/2012
Ep. 726: Why So Many Christian Denominations?09/09/2012
Ep. 725: Who Gets Their Prayers Answered?09/02/2012
Ep. 724: Was God’s Law Really Fair?08/26/2012
Ep. 723: Did Jesus Die for All or Just a Few?08/19/2012
2012 olympicsEp. 722: Are Christians Competing for Gold?08/11/2012
Ep. 721: Why Didn’t God Stop the Movie Theater Massacre?08/05/2012
Ep. 720: Is Christianity a Cult?07/29/2012
Ep. 719: Are You a Prejudiced Christian?07/22/2012
Ep. 718: What Can We Learn From Peter? (Part III)07/15/2012
Ep. 717: Is Your Time Running Out?07/08/2012
Ep. 716: What Does Freedom Mean to You?07/01/2012
yellow smiley faces representing happinessEp. 715: Where Do You Find True Happiness?06/25/2012
Ep. 714: Is the Gospel Working or Failing?06/17/2012
Ep. 713: What Can We Learn From Peter? (Part II)06/10/2012
Ep. 712: Are Christians God’s Superhero-Avengers?06/03/2012
Ep. 711: Armageddon! When and Where?05/27/2012
Ep. 710: What Can We Learn From Peter? (Part I)05/20/2012
Ep. 709: How Does the Holy Spirit Work?05/13/2012
Ep. 708: Have YOU Ever Been a Prodigal Son?05/06/2012
Ep. 707: What Makes a Fit Christian Leader?04/29/2012
Ep. 706: Should We Ever Seek Vengeance?04/22/2012
Ep. 705: How is Christian Love Different?04/15/2012
Ep. 704: Crucifixion, Resurrection and a New World!04/08/2012
Palm SundayEp. 703: What’s So Special About Palm Sunday?04/01/2012
end timesEp. 702: Are We Now in the End Times of Prophecy?03/25/2012
forgiveEp. 701: What Does Forgiveness Do For Us?03/18/2012
Ep. 700: Is Slavery Acceptable to God?03/11/2012
candle lit to remember a tragedyEp. 699: Where is God When Tragedy Strikes the Innocent?03/04/2012
Ep. 698: Are Angels Our Friends?02/26/2012
Ep. 697: Are the Christian and Jewish Sabbath the Same?02/19/2012
Ep. 696: Are there Secrets to Staying in Love?02/12/2012
Ep. 695: Does God Play Favorites? (Part II)02/05/2012
Ep. 694: How Dangerous are Demons?01/29/2012
Ep. 693: Does the Gospel Produce Wealth?01/22/2012
Ep. 692: Should I be Committed? (Part II)01/15/2012
Ep. 691: Does God Play Favorites? (Part I)01/08/2012
Ep. 690: Should I be Committed? (Part I)01/01/2012