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Should Christians Care About the Jewish Tabernacle?

As Christians we follow Jesus.  His life story is told in the New Testament of the Bible and we rightfully focus on those books.  Sometimes though, our focus brings us away from the rest of the story – the Old Testament.  We think, why do we need all of that Jewish history?  Why do we […]

Who Was Gideon?

Have you ever heard the expression “putting out the fleece” when referring to someone trying to make a decision?  Its origin comes from an unlikely biblical hero from an unremarkable tribe. He was the youngest of an insignificant family.  Yet, Gideon was chosen by God to do a mighty work – to free Israel from […]

What is Satanism?

The world is scary in a lot of ways.  There is an “anything goes” mentality surrounding us. This gives us the feeling there is no buffer between us and the dark, worldly or spiritual influences that exist.  One of these dark influences is reflected in the rising popularity of satanism.  When we hear that word […]

My Life is Full of Suffering – Am I Cursed?

How often do we hear of someone who just seems to have everything going wrong in their lives? They suffer loss, they have physical ailments, they are deeply distressed and their life seems to be going nowhere.  Sometimes when we are that suffering person, we may begin to wonder, what did I do to deserve […]

Jesus Died For You! Are You Dying For Him?

Most Christians will tell you that once you are called to Christ, it means you are called to be “footstep followers of Jesus.”  While this description is easily given, it is not so easily explained.  How can we walk in his footsteps as a disciple when we are really nothing like him?  He was perfect, […]

How Do You Handle Being Uprooted in Your Life?

Being uprooted can mean a lot of different things.  It can be the onset of a disease or disability, the loss of a job or loved one or experiencing a difficult trauma.  Maybe it is a change of location – a physical move or perhaps an emotional jolt that makes us reset our thinking. Being […]

Do Our Prayers Change God’s Mind?

One of the very basic tenets of Christianity is the belief that God does not change. We see him as omnipotent, above the fray and the embodiment of clear vision and intention. As such we believe that when God’s plan has been put in motion it is a universally unstoppable force. Enter the concept of […]

How Do You Deal With Toxic People in Your Life?

Sometimes we have people in our lives who seem to create difficulty wherever they go. This can be for a variety of reasons including the fact that WE could be actually attracting such folks into our experiences. For now, let’s assume there are some people who simply live unhappy and unfulfilled lives. In their search […]

Contradictions (Part VI): Do the Accounts of Jesus’ Life Contradict Themselves?

This continues our series on Bible Contradictions.  The life of Jesus as a man on earth was filled with wonder, teaching and miracles.  His obedience to his Father’s will was the centerpiece of his mission, as he came to pay the ransom price for Adam.  Critics say Jesus’ earthly life was also filled with contradictions.  […]

Contradictions (Part V): What Profound Secret Does Creation Reveal?

This continues our series on biblical contradictions.  Genesis is the first book of the Bible and its foundation.  It lays out for us the origin of the intricacies of our world, as well as the origins of the human race.  Morality is introduced, and this book takes us through the first few thousand years of […]