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Am I an Arrogant Christian?

We have all seen arrogance.  Sometimes it comes across as ultimate confidence and a sense of indestructibility and we might admire it.  Sometimes it comes across as a cocky, self-absorbed perspective and we are appalled by it.  The point is, whether we are looking at someone in their self-proclaimed loftiness in a positive or a […]

Does God Judge Everyone the Same Way?

The King James Bible says righteousness and judgment (although this word judgment should more accurately be translated as “righteousness”) are the foundation of God’s throne.  This picture language shows us that God does indeed judge everyone, and everything and His judgments are based on that which is right and equitable.  So, how does it work? […]

Is Motherhood Still Vital?

There is probably no role we as humans play that is more taken for granted than that of being a mother.  From carrying the unborn to feeding and protecting the newborn to nurturing the toddler to teaching the child, she quietly continues.  From understanding the adolescent to challenging the young adult to supporting the independent […]

Does the Bible Contradict Itself? (Part I)

The Bible is a big, complex and deeply misunderstood book.  It was written over a period of 1,500 years by up to 40 authors.  It was written in three different languages.  To make matters more complicated, it has been translated a myriad of times through the last few thousand years and has suffered the unfortunate […]

Should Christians Criticize Anyone?

Why criticism?  We don’t like it.  For the vast majority of us, receiving it invokes feelings of angst, anger and resentment.  Being criticized usually ends in a sense of being defeated and often leads us to resentment and a desire to lash out at whoever has been critical to give them a taste of their […]

What Can We Learn From Jesus’ Final Prayers?

You can learn a lot about someone if you know how they pray and what they pray for, especially when they are in the midst of crisis.  When we are in trauma, do we suddenly reach up to God with greater fervor and feelings of faith than we normally would?  Do we focus just on […]

What Happened at the Last Supper?

What comes to mind when you think about the Last Supper?  Perhaps you envision the famous Leonardo da Vinci painting which captures the moment Jesus revealed there was a traitor in their midst. Maybe you focus on Jesus helping his apostles to prepare for the trauma of his coming crucifixion. Perhaps you dwell on Jesus […]

Do I Have a Sound Christian Mind?

Have you ever thought about what it means to be given “the spirit of power and love and sound mind” as stated in 2 Timothy 1:7?  With this spirit of power, shouldn’t all enemies of God cower before us as we call them out for what they are?  With this spirit of love, shouldn’t we […]

Do Christians Need Hope in Their Lives?

Everyone needs hope.  With a clear hope we can conquer all kinds of obstacles.  Without it we lose our motivation to continue on. The problem is that life moves fast – so fast that we rarely slow down enough to realize what is – or should be – driving us.  This means we rarely ever […]

VIDEO: Moments that Matter – Do I Seek God’s Protection or His Permission?

It is far too easy to fall into the trap of looking for God’s permission to do or act or respond when we really should be seeking His providential guidance. This is tricky – how do we tell the difference? How do we uncover what God would have us do in contrast to what He […]