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Does the Coronavirus Fit Into God’s Plan?

Social distancing.  Three months ago, if you heard that term you may have thought it was describing someone who was a loner or someone who swore off social media.  Now we not only all know what it means, we feel its meaning and it is frightening.  I was in the grocery store today, and on […]

How Merciful Am I?

As Christians, we often talk about the necessity of forgiveness. We need to be forgiven and to forgive others. When it comes to talking about mercy, we always seem to focus on God’s mercy. Rightly so. God’s mercy is a resounding theme throughout the entire Bible. His eternal wisdom and plan could not even exist […]

How Do I Avoid Burnout? (Part II)

Burnout is nasty.  As we found out in Part I of our two-part series, it can demoralize and diminish the efforts and quality of care from medical professionals and first responders.  But it doesn’t stop there.  Even though the rest of us may not have other’s lives in our hands, burnout is more than capable […]

How Do I Avoid Burnout? (Part I)

It is a common saying that the two things you can count on in life are death and taxes.  While that might be true, there is another thing lurking in the background of the lives of more and more people every day:  BURNOUT.  With all of the overstimulation a technology-based society produces, we are set […]

I Don’t Think I Love My Spouse Anymore. What Now?

…And they lived happily ever after!  While this fairy tale ending makes us feel all warm and fuzzy, it doesn’t help us to prepare for reality.  The fact is, marriage is hard.  Having a bad marriage is much easier.  Think about why. Two people make a promise to one another before God to be – […]

Did the Apostle Paul Contradict Jesus? Contradiction Series

There is no denying the New Testament – and actually the entire Bible – is all about Jesus. His sacrifice for humanity is proclaimed from Genesis to Revelation. He IS the key to the gospel. Having said this, the life and writings of the Apostle Paul dominate much of the New Testament. His experiences and […]

Paul or Matthias: Who Was the Real 12th Apostle? Contradiction Series

For every Christian, Jesus is THE example, leader and fulfiller of our faith. We continually gain inspiration from his perfect example and unselfish sacrifice.  When we think about a less-than-perfect Christian example, most of us go to the Apostle Peter or the Apostle Paul.  Both men showed us how to achieve spiritual victory through imperfection.  […]

Does the Apostle Paul Contradict Himself? (Part II): Contradiction Series

(See Part I of this topic.) In many ways, the Apostle Paul was like a magnet.  Over the last 2,000 years, his preaching, teaching and writing have attracted countless millions to seek out what being a Christian really means.  He was a leader in every sense of the word.  He lived his faith to Jesus […]

Does the Apostle Paul Contradict Himself? (Part I): Contradictions Series

The Apostle Paul is a Christian icon.  He essentially wrote half of the New Testament as he carried the gospel far and wide.  He suffered dramatically for his faith, was challenged regularly by those in authority and even stood up to the Apostle Peter when it was needed.  When you read his words, you cannot […]

Are Christians Really Born Again?

The Christian belief in being “born again” can be at the very least confusing. Does it mean you get to restart your life, kind of like a do-over? Is it beginning a brand new life lived in a brand new context? Does being born again mean you are the same person with the same issues, […]