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What is the End Times Resurrection About – How Does It Work?

Most people seem to have a sense there is something beyond this life, that death is not a permanent end. This “sense” is expressed in a myriad of differing beliefs about life and death. Every Christian denomination believes in the resurrection of the dead, but the similarities stop there. Looking at the Scriptures we find […]

VIDEO: CQ Kids – Why is the Bible So Hard to Read?

Most books take us from beginning to end in an easy-to-understand order. But the Bible does not always follow an order that we are used to. Watch this video to understand why it can be difficult to read and what we can do to understand more. (0)

VIDEO: Moments that Matter – Does God Really Love Humanity? (Part II)

The Prodigal Son is One of Jesus’ most famous parables. Most interpret this story to depict sinners running away from God and then coming back. Inspirational? Yes, but NOT the main point. The strange parable of the Unjust Steward that detailed exactly what was happening as the Pharisees were losing God’s favor. What lessons can […]

Does God Really Love Humanity? (Part II)

Jesus was and is evidence of God’s love for humanity. The proof is not just in the fact that he came to ransom us from sin and death.  It is also displayed in how he taught us God’s plan.  Still, it is admittedly hard to grasp what God’s plan is about especially when he spoke […]

Preach the Gospel! What Does That Mean?

We live in a time and place where we are blessed with freedom of speech.  This means we have freedom to preach!  Preach what? The Gospel of Christ of course!  Now, depending on your perspective, the “good news” of the gospel can mean a wide variety of things.  When we present Jesus to someone, are […]

Does God Really Love Humanity? (Part I)

One of the most famous Scripture says, “God so loved the world, He gave His only begotten son” for it. For many, the obvious follow up response is, “Great! Then why is the world more messed up now than ever before?”  In truth, God does love humanity.  His love is expressed in a profound and […]

Is Fatherhood Still Vital?

The whole idea of fatherhood seems to have changed.  In this age of one-parent families in which the present parent is overwhelmingly the mom, we accepted and embraced minimizing the need of a living-at-home dad.  I certainly understand not wanting any child to feel inferior because they don’t have a dad in their life, but […]

We Are Christians, But Are We Unified?

Christian unity. It has such a reassuring sound to it.  To be unified in Christ is to be in a position of not merely mutual acceptance but in a position of locking arms and co-laboring for the accomplishment of something far bigger than any one of us.  The problem is the reality in which we […]

Does the Bible Contradict Itself? (Part II)

Several weeks ago (see Part 1) we began a journey down what might be considered a tricky path as we took a first step towards addressing an enormous subject – perceived Bible contradictions.  This is a huge undertaking, not only because of the Bible’s very nature, being ancient and authored by several over many centuries, […]

Am I an Arrogant Christian?

We have all seen arrogance.  Sometimes it comes across as ultimate confidence and a sense of indestructibility and we might admire it.  Sometimes it comes across as a cocky, self-absorbed perspective and we are appalled by it.  The point is, whether we are looking at someone in their self-proclaimed loftiness in a positive or a […]