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How Should Christians Respond to Racism? (Part II)

Racism does not happen by accident. It can be taught and exampled to young and unknowing hearts and minds. This is troubling. Even more troubling are the maladies of ignorance, prejudice and bigotry that must be present and flourishing to feed and sustain racist thinking and actions. As Christians, the mere thought of any of […]

How Should Christians Respond to Racism? (Part I)

George Floyd is dead. Needlessly. His life ended as a result of the uncalled-for brutality of a police officer. This killing has resonated throughout the United States, as well as the world. It has put some of society’s hardest issues in front of our faces. Peaceful protests decrying racism and injustice have occurred all over […]

What Does it Mean to be a Warrior for Truth? David and Abigail – Warriors of God Series

The spectacular biblical account of David reveals him as a warrior for God, as he protected God’s principles and righteousness. See the first episode of this series for more. It also reveals David as a man of mighty faults. He committed many grievous errors with sad consequences. We explored one of these in our second […]

How Can I Fight for God’s Purposes Like King David? Warriors of God Series

David was a hero and anointed to become the king of Israel.  Long before he assumed the throne, he defeated Goliath in battle, contributed to the sovereignty and protection of Israel and faithfully served under King Saul.  All this happened before he was 25 years old.  Though he became a fugitive when King Saul turned […]

How Can I Be a Giant Slayer Like David? Warriors of God Series

What do you envision when you think of a warrior? Someone engaged in conflict or struggle? A soldier, discipline, a fighter, training, bravery?  King David was one of history’s great warriors. He possessed all of those warrior attributes, and yet he was also a shepherd, poet, musician and songwriter. Tender-hearted and humble, he was faithful […]

Is Obedience More Important Than Sacrifice?

As Christians we are always reminded of the importance of sacrificing our own will to do the will of God.  Our faithfulness is a direct result of the effort we put into our sacrificial lives.  The Old Testament overflows with regulations and propriety regarding making sacrifices to God.  These include not only animals sacrifices but grain, oil and […]

What Does the Sabbath Look Like for Christians?

One of the Ten Commandments was to “remember the sabbath to keep it holy.”  As Christians, we are always saying the Ten Commandments are still a necessary part of God’s Law that we should keep. So, why do the vast majority of Christians have their “day of rest” on Sunday when the sabbath God set […]

How Do We Cope With Anxiety and Depression in Our Kids? (Part III)

Life can be a real challenge when we are pressed by personal anxiety or depression.  These things can not only burden our days, they can constrict and suffocate our very moments.  As difficult as living is under these circumstances, think about the overwhelming confusion anxiety and depression would bring to a child.  They begin to […]

Does My Anxiety or Depression Invalidate My Christianity? (Part II)

Everyone at times in their life feels anxiety.  Sometimes it is a simple reaction to having to do or say something that we would rather avoid.  Other times it is a more powerful reaction that lingers and may even cause us interrupted sleep or a lack of focus.  These are feelings of anxiety.  They are […]

Does My Anxiety or Depression Invalidate My Christianity? (Part I)

For many of us, daily life is a secret struggle.  Some of us go through the motions of our daily routines while inwardly carrying overwhelming fear and anxiety.  We don’t want to share what we feel as it is not only embarrassing, it is impossible to describe.  For others of us, even our daily routines […]