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What Three Steps Will Get Us to Heaven? (Part II)

We know every Christian wants to go to heaven.  The real question is, does every Christian know what is required to get there?  Last week we began to talk about the several important elements God has put in place.  These define not only His plan in general, but they clearly show us what the Christian […]

What Three Steps Will Get Us to Heaven? (Part I)

So, what does the road to heaven actually look like? If you look across the wide spectrum of Christian beliefs you will find far more variety in the answer than you might have thought. You would expect all of the answers to include believing in Jesus – and that’s a good start. However, the Bible […]

Why Does Time Matter in God’s Plan?

Life is often measured by time. Our society is hyperfocused on immediate gratification, which means we don’t want to have to wait. We don’t want to have any interval pass before we get what we want.  We have scheduled events, appointments, work hours, lunch breaks and periods for sleep. All of these things are time-driven. […]

Should My Habits Be Kept or Broken?

Yup!  It’s another New Year and that means another opportunity to start some things that are new, different and good for us!  It also means we consider stopping (or at least reducing) those things in life that aren’t so good for us.  It all sounds so easy, except for one little detail that can be […]

What is the True Spirit of Christmas?

When we talk about the “spirit” of something, we are trying to describe what that something was intended to look like or result in.  Let’s take the spirit of a law.  Whatever that law may be interpreted as meaning, or however it might be applied, needs to be checked against what the law was actually […]

How Do I Know My Decisions Are Right?

To live is to decide.  No matter who you are and what environment you live in, you will most likely be pressed with making an untold number of decisions. These will directly influence how your life will unfold.  This can be a scary thought because no one wants to make decisions that are bad!  Yet, […]

Have We Become Too Desensitized to Sin?

Right is right and wrong is wrong!  A few generations ago, morality and ethics seemed simple: There were things you knew you should and should not do.  There were principles you knew needed to be present when it came down to making appropriate decisions.  There were societal consequences for stepping outside of those lines.  Now […]

How Can Criticism Help Us Grow?

We are going about our lives doing the best we can when suddenly we are receiving criticism for our talk, dress, actions or beliefs. Now what? Are we immediately defensive? Do we hurl back insults and accusations? Or do we cave internally, feeling really bad about ourselves and finding it hard to recover and move […]

How Can We Be Thankful When Life is So Hard?

This of the most basic manners we teach our kids. We generally start by instructing them how to appropriately make a request for something and how to graciously receive it.  How do you ask?  “Please!”  What do you say?  “Thank you!”  These two simple communication tools (which incidentally seem to have been misplaced in our […]

Do People Turn Into Angels When They Die?

It’s funny how certain fanciful images make their way into the human mind and somehow become a part of our belief foundation.  Case in point – someone dies and the next thing we know, we visualize them standing before those massive and ornate “pearly gates” of heaven.  Once issued their wings and harp, we see […]