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Ep. 689: Born in a Stable and He Changed the World!12/18/2011
Ep. 688: Is Your Life by Accident?12/11/2011
Ep. 687: Does Everyone Need Faith?12/04/2011
Ep. 686: How Do You Live Thankfully?11/27/2011
Ep. 685: Is NOW the Time for Divine Healing?11/20/2011
Ep. 684: Do the Unborn Have Rights?11/13/2011
Ep. 683: Who Gets Elected? – By the Spirit, That Is!11/06/2011
Ep. 682: Can White Witchcraft be Good?10/30/2011
Ep. 681: Is the Devil Real?10/23/2011
Ep. 680: Is Judgment Day Coming THIS Week?10/16/2011
Ep. 679: Does the Bible Make Women Second Class Citizens?10/09/2011
listen speak communicateEp. 678: Do People Really Listen When You Speak?10/02/2011
Ep. 677: How Strong is Your Foundation?09/25/2011
Ep. 676: What is the Object of the Gospel Message?09/18/2011
Ep. 675: Finding Courage – 9/11, the 10th Anniversary09/11/2011
Ep. 674: Is the Bible Literal or Symbolic?09/04/2011
an important topic - gay marriageEp. 673: Should We Support Gay Marriage?08/21/2011
Ep. 672: Where Can We Find True Hope?08/14/2011
Ep. 671: Is Hell Real?08/07/2011
Ep. 670: Does Christian Sacrifice Mean EVERYTHING?07/31/2011
Ep. 669: Should Israel Belong to the Palestinians?07/24/2011
Ep. 668: Am I Immortal?07/17/2011
Ep. 667: Can Bitter Become Sweet?07/10/2011
Ep. 666: Does God Bless America?07/03/2011
HezekiahEp. 665: Will God Extend Your Life if You Ask Him?06/26/2011
Ep. 664: Does God Waste the Seeds of the Gospel?06/19/2011
JonahEp. 663: So, What’s the Story With Jonah?06/12/2011
Ep. 662: What Can We Learn From Kids?06/05/2011
A girl in deep thought signifying suicide considerationEp. 661: What About Suicide?05/29/2011
Ep. 660: Does God’s Word Ever Fail?05/22/2011
Ep. 659: Is Jesus Returning May 21st, 2011?05/15/2011
Ep. 658: Why Did Jesus Say He Would Return?05/08/2011
Title slide - Is the unbeliever saved?Ep. 657: Can One Who Dies an Unbeliever Still be Saved?05/01/2011
Ep. 656: Glory to God! Christ is Risen!04/24/2011
Ep. 655: Why Jesus? Why the Passover?04/17/2011
Ep. 654: What About Praise?04/10/2011
Ep. 653: Islam – Christianity – What’s the Difference? (Part II)04/03/2011
Ep. 652: Islam – Christianity – What’s the Difference? (Part I)03/27/2011
Ep. 651: Is the Japan Earthquake Part of God’s Plan?03/20/2011
Ep. 650: Are Children People Too?03/13/2011
Ep. 649: Middle East Meltdown – The Beginning of the End?03/06/2011
Ep. 648: Should You Ever Befriend Dishonesty?02/27/2011
Ep. 647: What About Demons?02/20/2011
Ep. 646: What About Love and Marriage?02/13/2011
Ep. 645: Are All Sins Forgivable?02/06/2011
Ep. 644: Who Needs Baptism?01/30/2011
Ep. 643: Is Right Always Right?01/23/2011
Ep. 642: What About Angels?01/16/2011
Ep. 641: Who Gets Saved?01/09/2011
Ep. 640: Does Your Paradigm Need Shifting?01/02/2011