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too comfortable - comfort zoneEp. 1054: Can You Ever Get Too Comfortable?12/30/2018
Christmas joyEp. 1053: How Do You Show Your Joy to the World?12/23/2018
is evil God's faultEp. 1052: Is it God’s Fault We Have Evil in This World?12/17/2018
learning about Old Testament charactersEp. 1051: What Do the Faithful Old Testament Characters Teach Us?12/10/2018
salvation - life preserverEp. 1050: What Does it Mean to Be Saved?12/03/2018
Mary and Martha with JesusEp. 1049: Are You a Mary or a Martha?11/26/2018
thankfulEp. 1048: How Can We Be Truly Thankful?11/19/2018
PentecostEp. 1047: Why Did the Tongues of Fire Touch the Apostles?11/12/2018
procrastinationEp. 1046: What Can I Do Now About Procrastination Later?11/05/2018
zombiesEp. 1045: Can Zombies Possibly Be Real?10/29/2018
demonsEp. 1044: How Do Demons Influence Our World?10/22/2018
angelsEp. 1043: How Do Angels Help Us in Daily Life?10/15/2018
faith erasing doubtEp. 1042: How Does Faith Actually Work?10/08/2018
bloom - acceptanceEp. 1041: How Do You Bloom Where You Are Planted?10/01/2018
tithes and offeringsEp. 1040: Do Tithes and Offerings Belong in Christianity?09/24/2018
spiritual leadership in churchEp. 1039: Have You Lost Faith in Your Spiritual Leaders?09/17/2018
friendshipEp. 1038: What Does True Friendship Look Like?09/10/2018
Bible faith healingEp. 1037: Is Christianity a Healing Religion?09/03/2018
betrayal - broken trustEp. 1036: How Do I Strike Back at Betrayal?08/27/2018
boy and stuffed animal - loyaltyEp. 1035: What is the True Meaning of Loyalty?08/20/2018
life for a life - Jesus died for allEp. 1034: Did Jesus REALLY Die for Everyone?08/13/2018
Christian zealEp. 1033: How Do I Relight the Fire of My Christian Faith?08/06/2018
#metooEp. 1032: Is the Bible Behind the Times on #MeToo?07/30/2018
Christianity at work - man wearing maskEp. 1031: What Happens to My Christianity When I Go to Work?07/23/2018
kingdom of God - God holding earth in His handsEp. 1030: Where is the Kingdom Jesus Told Us to Pray For?07/16/2018
glorifying God - clouds with sun raysEp. 1029: What Does it Mean to Glorify God?07/09/2018
freedom of choiceEp. 1028: Do We Really Have Freedom of Choice?07/02/2018
Ep. 1027: Is the Hell of Christian Tradition Taught in the Bible? (Part III)06/25/2018
sins take a toll on usEp. 1026: Are Some Sins Worse Than Others?06/18/2018
peacemakerEp. 1025: Should We Be Peacemakers?06/11/2018
Scary demonic figure representing a New Testament hellEp. 1024: Is the Hell of Christian Tradition Taught in the Bible? (Part II)05/29/2018
The unique role of Israel in the worldEp. 1023: Is Israel a Thorn in the Side of the World?05/28/2018
different looking egg - be yourselfEp. 1022: As a Christian, Should You Just Be Yourself?05/17/2018
empty grave, cross, is hell realEp. 1021: Is the Hell of Christian Tradition Taught in the Bible? (Part I)05/14/2018
Doubts and FaithEp. 1020: Do My Doubts Mean I Don’t Have Faith?05/07/2018
mercy or justice - Bible, heart, gavelEp. 1019: Is Mercy Compatible with Justice?04/30/2018
what does following Jesus meanEp. 1018: What Does Discipleship Cost?04/23/2018
Dollars being planted - who should a Christian supportEp. 1017: Who and What Should a Christian Support?04/16/2018
woman holding two faces - double-mindedEp. 1016: Am I a Double-Minded Christian?04/09/2018
Bible text highlighting love your enemiesEp. 1015: Condemned to Death, How Did Jesus Love His Enemies?04/02/2018
Paris of cherries and one single cherryEp. 1014: Christian and Single – What Does Life Look Like?03/26/2018
treasure chestEp. 1013: Are Your Treasures Really Worth Treasuring?03/19/2018
God and Evil diceEp. 1012: Are God and Evil Meant to Coexist?03/12/2018
oily water evoking griefEp. 1011: How Do You Find Your Way Through Grief?03/05/2018
little girl pulling her mother - parentingEp. 1010: How Parental is Our Parenting?02/26/2018
flag on fire signifying corrupted ChristianityEp. 1009: Has the Gospel Been Corrupted? (Part II)02/19/2018
bride and groom dolls on same team - good marriageEp. 1008: Are There Biblical Secrets to a Good Marriage?02/12/2018
Meeting a fist with an open palm - turn the other cheekEp. 1007: Do We Have to “Turn the Other Cheek”?02/05/2018
Ep. 1006: Has the Gospel Been Corrupted? (Part I)01/29/2018
man with fingers crossed - are there consequences to our actions and liesEp. 1005: Does God Bless Us When We Act in an Unrighteous Way?01/22/2018
sign for female, male and transgenderEp. 1004: Is My Gender Your Business?01/15/2018
teach inspire motivate provokeEp. 1003: How Do I Provoke in a GOOD Way?01/08/2018
Grandmother writing a legacyEp. 1002: What Would You Want Your Grandchildren to Know?01/02/2018