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VIDEO: CQ Kids – What Are Some Other Names for Jesus?

We know that Jesus is God’s son, but did you know he has many other names and responsibilities in the Bible?  For more, watch this short animated video for kids. (0)

VIDEO: Moments that Matter – Contradictions (Part VI): Do the Accounts of Jesus’ Life Contradict Themselves?

Some say Jesus is surrounded by contradictions. In a recent podcast we began with one particular discrepancy relating to his name.  Another is when did Jesus start his teaching?  When listed, these issues can really look daunting. What are the logical and scriptural answers to these and other questions?  Watch this short v/log then listen […]

VIDEO: CQ Kids – What’s the Best Way to Study the Bible?

The Bible is like a study guide from God to help us follow Him and His son, Jesus.   In this short animated video we offer some useful tips for our younger listeners on how to learn as much as they can! (0)

VIDEO: Moments that Matter – Contradictions (Part V): What Profound Secret Does Creation Reveal?

The first verse of the Bible reads, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth…” In a recent podcast we saw this verse as the foundation for great misrepresentation and great truth. Think, “In the beginning”, what beginning? Is it the beginning of the universe?  Watch this short vlog then listen to the […]

VIDEO: Moments that Matter – Contradictions (Part IV): Why So Many Contradictions Surrounding Jesus’ Resurrection?

The four Gospels report several details of Jesus’ resurrection differently, but we believe inconsistencies actually lend to credibility.  Watch this short vlog then listen to the full podcast of the same name for more details. (0)

VIDEO: Moments that Matter – Contradictions (Part III): Does God Contradict Himself?

In a recent podcast we examined several areas critics claim the Bible sends mixed messages about God. One is the general accusation that God is a God of confusion. God should just reveal Himself and make everyone happy! That’s a nice storybook-like approach but it has no basis in reality. God is a God of […]

VIDEO: Moments that Matter – If I Slander and Gossip, What Does That Say About Me?

Gossip and slander are everywhere! In a recent podcast, the kindest definitions we could come up with were; Gossip – hushed, idle and careless talk. Creating or repeating things that aren’t true, aren’t complete and are nobody’s business. Slander – an out loud misrepresentation of someone with the intent to damage them. Gossip and slander […]

VIDEO: Moments that Matter – Are Jesus’ Ransom and Our Salvation the Same?

The ransom Jesus paid on Calvary’s Cross is different from the salvation that comes to each of us afterwards.  Watch this short vlog then listen to the full podcast of the same name for more details. (0)

VIDEO: CQ Kids – Who is Jesus?

Jesus is God’s son. In the very beginning, God’s son was called “The Word of God.” We’re told in John (1:3 NLT) “God created everything through him, and nothing was created except through him.” This means under God’s direction, his son created the entire universe including the first humans, Adam and Eve.   For more on […]

VIDEO: Moments that Matter – Am I a Jealous Christian?

Envy is the emotion that occurs when we experience an extreme desire for something someone else has. One is based on loss and the other is based on something that’s out of reach. Jealousy and envy easily take root in our hearts. They seem natural and therefore tolerable. Not good! The Bible calls them out […]