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VIDEO: CQ Kids – Why Did Jesus Have to Die?

So, why did Jesus have to die? To be a “RANSOM” for Adam, so that everyone who has ever died will have the opportunity to come back to life in God’s future kingdom.  We offer an explanation for our youngest listeners in this short animated video. (0)

VIDEO: Bonus – What did Jesus’ Death and Resurrection Do?

Listen in as Rick and CQ Contributor, Julie, discuss three questions on the purpose and impact of Jesus’ death and resurrection on all of mankind. Here are some questions we consider in this conversation:  0:01:44 Jesus died over 2,000 years ago but nothing has changed. When do we stop getting sick and dying?  0:07:27 What does it […]

VIDEO: Moments that Matter – Do I Have a Sound Christian Mind?

Learn how to adopt “the spirit of power.” This power is not attainable by exercise, supplements or by force of human will; it’s a result of the miraculous indwelling of God’s spirit within the lives of all called-out Christians. This power is the foundation from which we overcome our cowardice. Watch this short vlog then listen […]

VIDEO: CQ Kids – Why Did Jesus Speak in Parables?

A parable is a story used to explain a spiritual lesson or show the difference between right and wrong. Jesus often spoke in difficult parables that left some followers confused. So, why did he speak this way?  Listen to this short animated video for kids to get the answers. (0)

VIDEO: Moments that Matter – Do Christians Need Hope in Their Lives?

It’s so easy to confuse hopes and wishes. We want things to change, we want to win the lottery, we want to be in better shape. Are these hopes? Until we do something significant to actually alter circumstances, we’re wasting brain power on useless wishes.   “Watch this short vlog then listen to the full podcast of […]