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Will Prayer Change Your Life?

Prayer is a staple of religion.  If you don’t follow any particular religion then perhaps you meditate. The point is, humans by and large are tuned to opening their minds to some kind of external power or tranquility.  For many, this opening of their minds provides a sense of security and peace as they feel […]

Does Complaining Ever Help?

Complaining.  Everybody does it.  Sometimes, well…actually occasionally, we complain from a positive perspective for the purpose of effecting change and that’s good!  But most of the time we complain because someone or something is irritating us, or putting pressure on us or challenging us or contradicting us. Most of our complaints are not for the […]

VIDEO: Moments that Matter – Does Complaining Ever Help?

Is complaining ever good?  Is it always bad?  Can we be more productive in trying to get what we want?  Does the Bible help us in this regard?

How Do You Change Your World? (Part II)

Last week we began talking about what it takes to actually change the world around you – what it takes to not only have a dream for change but to begin that process of change. We talked about Nehemiah, a little-known figure in the Old Testament, who not only had a ridiculously big dream for […]

VIDEO: Moments that Matter – How Do You Change Your World? (Part II)

Did you watch Part I and listen to the podcast?  There was SO many cool lessons about what Nehemiah did to mobilize his community and change his world that we needed an additional podcast to bring all the modern-day lessons to light!  Onto Part II!

VIDEO – Moments that Matter – How Do You Change Your World? (Part I)

There is so much we can do to take action and make things better. Watch this quick video and then listen to the podcast about how Nehemiah changed everything using his brain, wits and faith. You will be surprised how much of this story resonates with our lives today!

How Do You Change Your World? (Part I)

Everyone wants their world to be better.  Everyone has dreams and ideas they see as transformative – even innovative – yet the vast majority of us never do anything about those dreams and ideas to bring them to reality.  Why the lack of effort?  Because it is hard, because it takes thought, energy and determination […]

VIDEO: Moments that Matter – How Do I Make Gratitude My Constant Companion?

What good is having thankfulness a part of my everyday life? What steps do I need to take to be more thankful? Watch our 2-minute vlog for an short answer and listen to the full podcast episode filled with tips and Scriptures.

How Do I Make Gratitude My Constant Companion?

Human nature is a funny thing.  We live in an age of instant gratification, an age of virtually no waiting for anything.  We send a text, a tweet, a message or we post, and our expectation is for an almost instant answer or follow or response or reaction.  What we want we not only assume […]

What Made John the Baptist So Special?

Every so often someone comes along who stands out from the crowd, someone who distinguishes themselves from their peers by their manner, their motivation and their mission.  They don’t seem to fit into any comfortable category, for theirs is a mission that has world-changing implications and such missions are not common and least of all […]