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September 27, 2015

Ep.885: What Are We So Angry About?

How to use positive anger and avoid negative anger

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What did Jesus teach us about our use of anger?

We have road rage - what did religious rage look like in the Apostles' time?

How should we handle anger?

Where does negative and positive potential for our anger come from?

How can we avoid and replace anger?

Theme Scripture: Ephesians 4:26-27

Anger and rage – these are two emotions that are all too familiar in our present day. How often do we hear of random acts of violence? Think about what that means – it is something done that causes hurt to others who just happen to be in the way. Where does all of this come from? How can we better control our rage? Can anger ever be a good thing? Do we ever have a right to be angry?

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Social media has been an outlet of vitriol. There are so many ways to express when we are mad that become public very quickly and even anonymously.

Jesus dealt with anger and elevated the standard, telling us we should put it in check quickly because it leads down a devious road. If we are "living angry," we are not truly following his example. Love is supposed to override anger as the chosen response of a Christian life. This is difficult to do, but the ideas we present on this podcast might help.


1 reply
  1. Debbie
    Debbie says:

    I have a mantra that always works for me… “Fight the battles that are worth fighting.” That means that I can usually let someone cut me off on the road or push past me at the store — just about anything that might have bothered me — I can let it go and not worry about it. It stops a lot of unnecessary heartache!! AND the bonus is that it helps crush out that awful pride monster that seems to rear it’s ugly head at the worst possible moments!


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