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July 24, 2016

Ep.927: Does Science Show the Existence of a Creator?

How true science verifies superhuman intelligence

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Could we be living on a privileged planet?

What around the earth shows we are privileged?

What is the testimony of universal constants?

Do cosmetics have anything to do with the privilege and beauty of life?

Theme Scripture: Psalms 19:4

"Materialism" is a philosophy that permeates much of the world today. It is the belief that physical stuff underlies everything real, and it rejects any supernatural forces as having influence in our world. It teaches that the universe came into existence on its own, without any intelligence or design behind it; and it has proceeded randomly since. Further, it is claimed there is no natural moral code in this accidental universe other than what man comes up with. Thus there is no reason why we are here and no hope beyond death. The material world is all there is or will be. Related to this is the concept of "scientism," which is the belief that science is the only reliable source of truth. Is this true? Is science the only source of truth? Does science really validate godlessness? Or does science show something else entirely?

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Admittedly, attempting to talk about science and relating it to the existence of God is a monumental task, for both science and God are enormous and complex. Science proves itself to be based on precision and design, and we believe that God is in fact behind the intelligent design - not only of science but of everything else in the physical universe. Where there is a designer and a design, there must also be a plan. The Bible helps us to trace God’s plan for the universe, for our galaxy and for all of mankind.

Planet earth. We all know water drives earthly life but what many of us don’t know is that the properties of water are very unique and therefore perfectly suited to sustain life. For water to be able to do its life sustaining work our planet needs to be orbiting the sun within a narrow band where water can flow, where the sun’s gravity won’t overwhelm the planet and where we won’t burn up or freeze. The phrase “The Goldilocks Zone” has been adopted by some researchers to describe this narrow life-sustaining band around our sun because its conditions are “just right.” A question we should ask ourselves is, were these elements put in place by chance or by intelligent design?

Did you know the thickness of the earth’s crust is vital to life? Did you know the precise strength of earth’s magnetic field is also vital to life? And what about the precise combination of oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide in our atmosphere – this is vital as well. Again, the question to ask is, could all of these things just randomly happened or was it by design?

When you look at the properties of the sun, the size and placement of the moon, and the nuclear, gravitational and electromagnetic forces in the universe, what continues to be revealed is design and extraordinary precision. Is it all by chance?

There is so much more! You owe it to yourself to listen to our July 24th, 2016 broadcast, “Does Science Show the Existence of a Creator?” Even if you don’t believe in Intelligent Design, we would love to hear what you think!


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1 reply
  1. Elaine Hull
    Elaine Hull says:

    As you speak of creation can you please take a moment and mention the order of “events” in Gen 1.
    Many Christians have their “mind set” in 24 hrs as being Day 1. When God created the world, as we know it, He is referring to creation in terms of “Creative Days” not in length of hours and minutes. Before “time” ever came into existence, there was “eternity” and this is where God dwells – infinite, without beginning or end. (Gen 1:1-13)
    Time, as we understand it, was not called forth until the fourth created act, which God called “Day 4”. Days and years are not brought into order until verse 14. Many incorrectly assume God’s entire creation act lasted seven, 24 hour days.
    NOTE: God’s first “created day” was to separate “light” from “darkness” and He called the light “day” not referring to time but an extraordinary event.

    Thought for the day: This is the message which we have heard of Him, and declare to you, that God is light, and there is no darkness at all.
    1 John 1:5
    He can take any circumstance, any failure, any darkness and bring about “life”. And THAT is what HOPE is…..for eternity.


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