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August 14, 2016

Ep.930: Who is Satan?

Tracing the glory and the fall of the devil

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How did darkness and evil creep in?

What did Lucifer's fall from grace look like?

Now that we know who Satan is, what does he do?

Just how deep is Satan's corruption and how can we be protected?

Theme Scripture: 2 Corinthians 4:3-4

Good and Evil. Throughout history there has always been a battle between the two and for many who hold a religion as sacred, this battle has its leaders. As Christians, we embrace God Almighty as the unequivocal Creator and Leader of all that is good and righteous, and we see Satan as the captain of all the dark forces that stand against God. So, just who is Satan? Is he a real being, and if so, how did he get to be so evil? If God created all that is good, then how could God have created Satan, the father of darkness? Does Satan come from someplace else? Did God make a mistake?

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First of all, God most certainly did not make a mistake.  What He did do was to create a spiritual race of beings (those whom we often refer to as angels) who had the ability to think for themselves and make choices, much in the same manner as His creative process with the human race.  This ability to choose was not without ample reference and clarity as God showed himself to be their benevolent maker, living on a spiritual plane of existence that was higher and more powerful than they were.  God was their unmistakable Father and their unequivocal guide.  This being said, where did Satan come from?

Scriptures tell us Satan was known by the name “Lucifer” before he chose rebellion.  It is odd, for when we hear that name we generally conjure up an evil, hideous and dark being, dripping with anger and jealousy.  The name “Lucifer” actually means “morning star” and he is described in the Bible as being beautiful, powerful, respected and fully in harmony with the will and word of God.  The book of Job says Lucifer was a very mighty and privileged being seemingly at God’s side as the intentional creation of planet earth began.

So, what happened?  How does one go from being “all in” and a driver of the plans and purposes of the Almighty God to being “all out” and becoming the primary driver to thwart and replace the plans and purposes of the Almighty God with one's own plans and purposes?  How does one go from joyfully following a proven path of goodness, creativity and harmony to paving their own path of rebellion, lies and self aggrandizement?

It starts with a thought.  Here again the Scriptures tell us what that thought was, what other thoughts and plans it led to and then how those thoughts and plans became actions, and those actions became habits, and those habits forged a destiny.  Check out our August 15, 2016 broadcast, “Who is Satan?” and follow along as we put the pieces of this tragic puzzle together.  Listening will not only provide a better understanding of who Satan is but also a clearer perception of how we as individuals can avoid the same pitfalls and instead become true warriors for righteousness. For the CQ Kids video on this topic, please go to CQ Kids: Who is Satan?



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