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Ep.596: Should it be “Choice” or “Life?”

The abortion debate

Should it be “Choice” or “Life?”

Theme Scripture: Psalms 139:13


I think that everyone I have ever met loves the sight of a new baby. We all are struck by how small, helpless and innocent the child is. We are struck by the beauty and intricacy of its form and we are struck by the complete and utter helplessness of its being. Yes, everyone loves the sight of a new baby...yet, 1.2 million pregnancies are terminated in this country each year. That means that these pregnancies are stopped and the child is never allowed to be – all of this on purpose! So, how do we understand the rights, the processes and the legalities here? Is it a moral issue, this question of abortion, or is it merely a legal question of convenience? Today we look into this incredibly difficult issue – should it be choice or life? What does the Bible say?

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