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Ep.488: Should We Ask For Directions?

The Christian responsibility to stay on the path

Should We Ask For Directions?

Theme Scripture: Hebrews 12:13


If you are a guy, you know what I am talking about. Here you are, driving somewhere and somehow or other, you are not on the road or at the destination that you anticipated. Notice I didn’t say that you are lost; you are merely misplaced for the moment. What do you do? Many of us would simply try and figure it out – you know, keep driving until, well until… Well, Christianity can be that way. Sometimes we may get lost – there, I said it – sometimes we may get lost and require a turn around of sorts. How do we go about this? Fortunately, the instructions for such times are already written and all we have to do is go and look for them. Stay with us as we – two grown men - will ask for directions!!

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