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How Does God Touch Your Heart?

We all would like to think that we are special in some way before God. We want to be sure of His love for us and His guiding hand in our lives. But we know that everyone is not called to follow Jesus and we also know that according to the Bible, God does specifically call some to follow. How does this work? How does God get your attention and touch your heart and mind? What makes us want to respond to God and what might make us shy away from responding to Him?

Why Do We Baptize?

Baptism is one of the central themes of Christianity and is held as sacred by all denominations. Now you would think that with such widespread agreement that Christianity would be in agreement, but alas we are not! Here are the areas of concern: who should be baptized, what does baptism actually mean, when (at what age) should baptism take place, why should we be baptized and how is baptism properly administered? So, let’s see what baptism is all about!

What does it take to be a REAL Christian?

Will the “real” Christians please stand up?  Who are they?  If you were to ask Christians from five different denominations to give you a list of beliefs and character traits that make a "true" Christian, chances are you would get five different lists.  What does this mean?  How do we find the true qualifications?  Can someone be a true Christian just by saying so?  What should your life look like?  What should your beliefs reflect?  On this podcast we take a biblical perspective on a very difficult question:  What does it take to be a REAL Christian?