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Ep.982: How Does God Touch Your Heart?

The process and development God uses to draw us to Him

How Does God Touch Your Heart?

Theme Scripture: John 6:44

Special Guest: Todd Alexander

We all would like to think that we are special in some way before God. We want to be sure of His love for us and His guiding hand in our lives. For most of us, being special translates into a feeling – an emotional response that produces a sense of security. But is that all there is to being special? For the Christian at least there is much more to it. We know that everyone is not called to follow Jesus and we also know that according to the Bible, God does specifically call some to follow. How does this work? How does God get your attention and touch your heart and mind? What makes us want to respond to God and what might make us shy away from responding to Him? Is it easy to recognize when God is seeking us out and trying to touch our heart?

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I would love to be able to enthusiastically say, yes, it is easy to recognize! When God wants your attention the message will come with power, persistence and persuasiveness! While this can be the case, most often it is not, for God’s ways of drawing us to Him in this age are filled with subtlety and searching. In this podcast our guest Todd Alexander laid out for us a pretty distinct process of how God finds us and draws us to Him.

It turns out this process has five steps. You'd think the first step in God drawing us to Him would have everything to do with some kind of emotional awakening. You'd think it would be one of those epiphany moments in our lives when the stars align, our emotions are high and our hearts are primed and open. You’d think. Actually, the first step in God drawing us to Him is simply being able to perceive truth. This means coming to a knowledge of God, His sovereignty, His handiwork and His attributes. Simple. You might think – but where are the bells and whistles? Where is the dramatic unveiling? The fact is, God does not use emotion to initially draw us to Him, because he knows emotions come go and change at the whim of our perceptions. God draws us based upon things that are unchangeable. He draws us based upon the rock solid truth of His very existence! Look at the miracle of human life, the weather cycles that sustain all living things, the incomprehensible vastness of the universe or the delicate balance of flowers, bees and pollination. God begins to draw us based on the very essence of life as He created it!

To perceive truth is just an introduction as it only whets one's appetite for understanding. Perception and understanding of truth are the first two steps in this five-step process. The bottom line here is that God knows how to draw us to Him in such a way as to afford us an opportunity to genuinely respond. Listen to this podcast to hear just how this works. You never know, God may be seeking you out!

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