Home Doctrine Does Prayer Really Work? (Part I)

Ep.260: Does Prayer Really Work? (Part I)

Examining prayer and who we pray to

Does Prayer Really Work? (Part I)

Theme Scripture: Matthew 6:9



  1. Just a very late note… Poland does not relate to Israel in regards to coming back from destruction. Poland was never really destroyed. The Polish people remained in the land throughout the years of the World Wars.

    Israel on the other hand was totally destroyed… TWICE! Nebuchadnezzar destroyed it the first time AND moved the Israelites OFF the land. In 70 AD, the same thing. Jerusalem was totally destroyed and the people were scattered everywhere but in the land of Israel (or most of them).

    Poland was only partitioned for 100 or so years. Israel was DESOLATED and NOT A NATION for 1878 years (70 AD to 1948 AD). Interesting number, 1878, don’t you think?


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