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Ep.721: Why Didn’t God Stop the Movie Theater Massacre?

Theater shooting and evil in the world

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Theme Scripture: Isaiah 46:9-10

It happened just a few short weeks ago, but by now we are almost de-sensitized to the horror.  In many ways we can feel like it’s just another story of a senseless killer randomly taking lives.  But it’s not – what it is, is a chronicle of a world filled with inequity and evil, in which those who are innocent suffer and die and there are no real answers as to how to stop it.  Is there someone to blame?  Is it parenting?  Is it education?  Is it religion?  Is it atheism?  Is it freedom?  Is it guns?  Is it easy access to violence?  Is it God?  How do we begin to put these tragedies into some perspective?  Stay with us – there IS an answer!

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