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Ep.898 : Does the Day Belong to Jesus or Santa Claus?

Prophecy and the lesser known surrounding Jesus' birth

Does the Day Belong to Jesus or Santa Claus?

Theme Scripture: Luke 2:30-32


So, Christmas day is here. Hopefully it is filled with family, joy and happiness! Hopefully it provides some time to sit back and reflect on the amazing opportunities we have for freedom. Honestly, sometimes we at CQ look at Christmas as a bittersweet holiday. While we enjoy the story of Santa and his elves and do appreciate the goodwill that does seem to surface at this time of year, we feel a sadness at the lack of attention paid to the real story of Christmas. It is really too bad we are so afraid to name the name of Jesus Christ at Christmas! Well, not today, not now! Stay with us as we stop everything else and honor the real story!

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  1. My hope that many are listen to this program:Does the day belong to Jesus or Santa Claus. Because it is well done. Thank you for your efforts. May the peace of Jehovah be with you.


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