Home Doctrine Are Most People Really “Hellbound?” (Part I)

Ep.756: Are Most People Really “Hellbound?” (Part I)

The Hellfire teaching in light of history and Scripture

Are Most People Really “Hellbound?” (Part I)

Theme Scripture: Genesis 18:25

Special Guest: Kevin Miller

Christianity is a faith that claims to see the mind of God through His written Word. It claims to represent a God of love and compassion, yet a God of justice and consequence as well. All Christians are unified in the belief that the true followers of Christ will be rewarded with immortal life in heaven, yet Christianity is amazingly fractured in its belief about what happens to everyone else – which constitutes the vast majority of all humankind.

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Do unbelievers suffer in merciless agony for all of eternity in the fires of hell? Do unbelievers experience the fires of hell as a purifying fire that brings them to Christ? Do unbelievers simply experience utter destruction and cease to exist upon final proof of incorrigibility? Stay with us as we seek biblical truth on the matter.

We bring in the director of the documentary, Are Most People Really Hellbound?, for a very interesting discussion on this important topic.

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