Home Character Can a Christian Thrive in a World that Rewards Evil?

Ep.757: Can a Christian Thrive in a World that Rewards Evil?

“Succeeding” as a Christian in a dishonest world

Can a Christian Thrive in a World that Rewards Evil?

Theme Scripture: Luke 6:45


Oftentimes as we look around us we can really get discouraged, for we live in a world that embraces darkness and persecutes light. We are surrounded by political corruption, we are developed in a “me first” environment. We are shown that winning at all costs is acceptable. And instead of a “turn the other cheek” mentality, we are bombarded with a “smack him before he smacks you” approach. It is like living as a lamb among lions – and we all know how that works out. So, can we as Christians “thrive” in a world like this? Stay with us!

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