Home Doctrine Did Jesus Die for All or Just a Few?

Ep.723: Did Jesus Die for All or Just a Few?

Jesus as the Ransom for all men

Did Jesus Die for All or Just a Few?

Theme Scripture: John 2:2


We as Christians all hold the life, death and resurrection of Jesus as the centerpiece of our faith. Without Jesus, we are nothing. One of the key factors about this sacred truth that actually divides Christianity is the application of the ransom sacrifice of Jesus.  Who did he die for, and who, if any, are excluded from the benefit of his death? Stay with us as we look into a variety of perspectives and try to find the biblical principles that seal the answer to this question.

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  1. I agree with your line of thinking. Have you ever noticed that from the book of Acts on until the last part of Revelation there is no mention of hell? Paul, in all of his debates with the Jews never said ” You have to spend eternity somewhere, either heaven or hell!” Stephen, in his great dialogue to the Jews who killed him didn’t tell them they were going to split hell wide open.
    This life is about Christ selecting his bride from those who believe by faith. The next life will be the opportunity for those didn’t have faith, but can only believe by sight, IMO.
    My only question is what about at the end of the day of judgement or 1000 years when Satan is let out to deceive the nations once more for a little season. Who will follow him? Those who didn’t truly repent in the day of judgement?
    Thank you so much for your program

    1. It does seem really hard to believe that after a complete, earth-wide resurrection and a true learning of righteousness and the corresponding happiness and liberty it brings that anyone would – in full light – decide that going out of existence forever in second death is a better option, but the Bible does indicate that state exists. God values free will and continues to offer that to humankind. There must be people who revel in their negative tendencies of greed? power? mischief? anger? hatred? to such a degree that they can never see themselves “getting with the program.” The classic hypothetical example we have heard used is Hitler and some of his henchmen who might rather go “off the scene” than have to make sincere and wholehearted apologize to each individual they wronged, which would physically take an enormous amount of time and humility. Thank you very much for your thought-provoking comments and for being a listener. – Christian Questions


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