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Ep.582: Should We Forgive God? (Part II)

Disaster, war, starvation – finding God’s plan

Should We Forgive God? (Part II)

Theme Scripture: Exodus 20:5


There are many views of the character of God.  Some see Him as angry, wrathful and impatient, while others see Him as just, loving and merciful.  Whatever your view of His character, it is certain that we live in a world where things are NOT fair and people by the MILLIONS suffer for things they did not do.  So, what does that do to our understanding of God?  If He is all powerful and all wise, why does He allow such injustice, suffering and chaos?  Has God abandoned us?  Has He forgotten us?  Does He even care about us?  Did God make mistakes with His creation – did He create a world that “got away from Him” and now it’s too late to change things?  Stay with us as we look into the myriads of difficulties in our world and try to understand where God is in all all of this.  Should we forgive God?  Is it even our place to forgive God?

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