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Ep.706: Should We Ever Seek Vengeance?

The Travon Martin killing and its fallout

Should We Ever Seek Vengeance?

Theme Scripture: Proverbs 14:29-30


"Trayvon Martin"...mention that name and you unleash a flood of emotion and turmoil. This young man was tragically shot to death at age 17 and his death has raised a firestorm of controversy. Was it self-defense? Was it racially motivated? Should his killer have been arrested immediately? Will there be justice? These are all questions that we have no answers for – sorry! What we do want to discuss though, is the emotion, reaction and desire by some for vengeance. Is vengeance ever appropriate for us to take? What if justice is NOT served? Does vengeance give closure? What does it really mean to leave things like this in God’s hands? Are the Old and New Testament different on this? Stay with us as we look into this important question.

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  1. What should we do wwhen we got beaten by a same (person) and wants to hit him back badly even if I can hurt him,is it right to beat him back?

    1. Hi, Ashish, (we modified one of your words to make it more family friendly) we aren’t sure if you are referring to a physical fight or not. Hopefully you have had a chance to listen to this podcast. We also highly recommend Ep. 1007 “Do We Have to Turn the Other Cheek?” which directly discusses your question. Please listen with the CQ Rewind Show Notes in hand and you can see the Scriptures quoted and much of the dialogue. The very short answer is no, it is not right to beat him back, physically or emotionally. There is great strength in being passive in such a situation and doing all we can to turn the situation around favorably. In the cases when that is not possible, walking away and not participating is the recommended course of action. Let us know what you think after you have listened. May God bless your efforts to be pleasing to Him. – Christian Questions


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