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Ep.1002: What Would You Want Your Grandchildren to Know?

Focusing on the most important things to pass on as a legacy

What Would You Want Your Grandchildren to Know?

Theme Scripture: Proverbs 1:7

Special Guest: Todd Alexander

Whether we think about it or not, we all leave a legacy behind us as a result of our life and experience.  Sometimes that legacy can be rich with wisdom, accomplishment and example, and other times our legacy can be a sad tale of unfulfilled potential, broken dreams and a trail of “if only” and “why didn’t I?”  The thing is, we choose much of what our legacy will look like!  What if you thought about your legacy in the context of leaving something behind of great value to your grandkids?  Aside from material things to give them physical comfort in life, what would you want them to learn?  What would you want them to know so that their lives could blossom with fulfilled potential and with true contentment?  Even if you don’t have grandchildren, let’s suppose that you do and are writing them a letter with words of wisdom…what will you say?  For example, Elijah in the Old Testament left us an amazing example.

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Most likely, one of the primary things we would focus on would be to attempt to transfer the wisdom we have attained through years of experience to the exuberance of youth they are now uncovering.  It would be so cool to be able to package such wisdom up into a box of gummy bears so our grandkids would gladly ingest it as another treat from grandma or grandpa, but you and I both know that’s just not going to happen.  For us the delivery of wisdom to young minds and hearts will take a much more clear and concerted effort on our part.  We would need to not only have a clear picture of what we want to impart, we would need to think through how to impart it (gummy bears notwithstanding) and how to deliver such important gems in a way that will be attractive and understandable.  We might even want to add a bit mystery.  After all, we are dealing with kids, and curiosity is a great tool!

Let me suggest that we begin with an age old truth, an age old equation that has over the last few generations begun to lose its footing.  This simple addition exercise is:  The honoring of God + the honoring of your parents = a beautiful character.  The wisdom here is fundamental in its placement and staggering in its results.  If we teach our grandkids that God is the center of their world and they are not, it provokes a dramatic pause.  If we teach our grandkids that honoring their parents is their best path to get to God, it provokes an understandable process. If we teach our grandkids that these two things added together will promote a healthy and contented life, it can once - it takes hold - provoke motivation.

Check out our January 2nd 2018 podcast, “What Would You Want Your Grandchildren to Know?” and join us as we, with the help of our special guest Todd Alexander, walk through this whole process of imparting wisdom to future generations.  This podcast is sure to waken some of the biggest and best ideas you already own regarding creating a legacy of wisdom and power for those you care about!

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