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December 14, 2014

Ep.844: Can We Know the Mind of God? (Part II)

Understanding time frame and contextual Bible study

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All Scriptures don't apply to all time frame. How does that help our study?

What does the Bible say about the world to come?

Rick's favorite word...context is next!

Is there a general rule for context in the New Testament?

What about when Scriptures contradict each other?

Theme Scripture: Ephesians 1:9

(See Part I for the beginning of this discussion.) A few weeks ago we began a discussion on the keys to understanding the Bible as the word of God and therefore to being able to understand the mind of God. Is it really possible to know what God is thinking and what He is planning for the entire race of mankind? Well, we believe it is not only possible but attainable as well! Come on! Let’s continue the discovery process of Bible study.

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Click here for the booklet: "How to Study the Bible and Have it Make Sense."


2 replies
  1. Veronica Boateng
    Veronica Boateng says:

    Dear Rick , I have recently enjoy listening to your program and can u please send me the free booklet of how to start reading the Bible . Thank you . Regards Veronica


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