Home Doctrine Can We Know the Mind of God? (Part I)

Ep.839: Can We Know the Mind of God? (Part I)

Understanding topical Bible study and Bible symbolism

Can We Know the Mind of God?  (Part I)

Theme Scripture: Ephesians 1:9


God is Almighty. He is all knowing and all seeing. We believe He is the very embodiment of wisdom, justice, love and power. As our Creator, we believe He has a plan - a detailed plan - that He will see accomplished for the good of all mankind. How do we think we know these things? The Bible. We believe that His Plan and its details are revealed in the Bible. Now, depending upon our brand of Christianity, we will come up with several contradictory interpretations of that plan unless we are willing to subject our understanding to a rigorous series of tests that will point us to truth and not tradition. There are five rigorous tests, five ways of finding the mind of God in Scripture we tell in this two-part series about good methods of Bible study. Are you ready? Click here for the booklet: How to Study the Bible and Have it Make Sense.

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