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Can We Know the Mind of God? (Part II)

A few weeks ago we began a discussion on the keys to understanding the Bible as the word of God and therefore to being able to understand the mind of God. Is it really possible to know what God is thinking and what He is planning for the entire race of mankind? Well, we believe it is not only possible but attainable as well! Come on! Let’s continue the discovery process of Bible study…

Can We Know the Mind of God? (Part I)

God is Almighty. He is all knowing and all seeing. We believe He is the very embodiment of wisdom, justice, love and power. As our Creator, we believe He has a plan - a detailed plan - that He will see accomplished for the good of all mankind. How do we think we know these things? The Bible. We believe that His Plan and its details are revealed in the Bible. Now, depending upon our brand of Christianity, we will come up with several contradictory interpretations of that plan unless we are willing to subject our understanding to a rigorous series of tests that will point us to Truth and not tradition. There are five rigorous tests, five ways of finding the mind of God in Scripture! Are you ready?

Is the Bible Literal or Symbolic?

Christians who believe that the Bible is God’s inspired Word have long recognized that Bible study requires interpretation. And it is no surprise that there are have been differences among students of the Bible about what various texts mean. One of the major areas of interpretation and difference is the question about if the Bible is to be understood literally or symbolically. It is a question we need to consider seriously if we truly want to learn what God has placed in His Word for us to know. It cannot be a matter of preference! It must be a commitment to seek the truth in full submission to God’s will.