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May 01, 2011

Ep.657: Can One Who Dies an Unbeliever Still be Saved?

Scriptural reasoning regarding salvation for ALL

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Theme Scripture: 1 Timothy 2:3-4

Salvation is at the very core of Christian faith. Salvation is something we all want and something that we as Christians all claim. That’s good...for us. Now the harder part. What about unbelievers? Where do they fit? Does and unbeliever have the same opportunity we do? What about Atheists? What about those who never heard of Jesus and died in that ignorance? If roughly 67% of the world today is not Christian, what happens to roughly 4.2 billion people? How does salvation work for those who died before Jesus did - if he is the only way to be saved, did all those people even have a chance? Does God make special exceptions for certain "good" people? Does the Bible give us concrete answers to these questions? On this podcast we point to the many Scriptures that evidence God's desire that ALL nations of the earth will be blessed, but how does judgment fit into all that?  Stay with us as we open and discuss an incredibly difficult question – can one who dies an unbeliever still be saved?

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