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November 03, 2013

Ep.786: Why Do Historians Dislike Daniel So Much?

The astounding scope of Daniel's prophecies

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Theme Scripture: Ezekiel 14:14

Daniel was a good, righteous and deeply faithful man. From a very young age, he showed himself to be wholly keyed in on being in lock-step with obedience to God. God, in turn, blessed Daniel in many ways, from preserving his life, to granting him ability to interpret dreams, to elevating him in power, to bestowing upon him an incredible gift of prophecy. Oh yeah, and God also delivered him from the den of lions! Today, Daniel’s prophecies are among the most discredited scriptures in the Bible! Why? What is it about Daniel that makes so many afraid?

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8 replies
  1. Paul Simpkins
    Paul Simpkins says:

    Iv really just now started to Listen to your net work.
    I had come across before but never really listened. Now I’m hooked. To be honest my faith is so shaken and broke I have a hard time to focus to believe. At the same time I do look at the news and see between the lines and what the bible has had to say I guess, and what you all are trying to get us to also see. When I was young I did believe and tried to seek on my own.. ( going on the search for god with out the knowledge )
    There is so Many Churches and the differences between them . I’m 53 and have gone to almost all churches looking for God. People say look to faith..Well faith in its on word means nothing. Churches and so called denomations fight with each other. I did believe and now i don’t but there is the pull to believe again. I actually see the news, and have to pull what I can on the censorship, Which I guess brings me to you. Why Should I believe again, If I have turned my back on god, or question if a God real. If as a kid when my first dog died, and I cussed god for taking her away. Well he forgive me. The Bible is so old old old. It has been rewritten how many times ? Why dose God not show us anything now ? I ask for signs,can not a Angle come talk to me ? Before man did not his Angles rebel against him, and if Angles rebel were dose that not leave us. I am lost admitted, I just don’t understand the bible was written thousand of years ago, but god somehow cant talk to us today. It makes no Sence. We have had enough pain and death, why are we still playing this game. These are just my deep thoughts.
    Paul S.

  2. Debbie
    Debbie says:

    It’s been a year since Paul wrote his comment, but I’m going to comment anyway.

    I can relate to his “cry” for understanding. All the different beliefs in the various denominations made me run to God and ask Him for HIS truth. It took a few years, but the answer came. He moved me next door to a Bible Student and I began a walk through the Scriptures that proved God’s Great Plan!

    Thank you, My dear Lord!

  3. Debbie
    Debbie says:

    BTW, which European nations were represented by those iron and clay toes? And which 3 were “plucked up?”


    • Christian Questions
      Christian Questions says:

      The student of history can readily trace the four universal empires described by Daniel in chapter 2, verses 31-45, as follows: Babylon, first the head of gold, Medo-Persia, conqueror of Babylon, second, the breast of silver; Greece, conqueror of Medo-Persia, third, the belly of brass; and Rome, fourth, the strong kingdom, iron legs and clay mixed feet. The iron empire, Rome, was by far the strongest and endured longer than its predecessors. It endured in the nations of Europe, the division, represented by the ten toes of the Image. The clay element blended with the iron in the feet represents the mixture of church and state, the “Holy Roman Empire” which the Scriptures termed “Babylon”, confusion. Iron and clay cannot thoroughly amalgamate and is thus broken in pieces by God’s Kingdom, Dan 2:43, 44

      In Daniel 7:1-8 discusses these same empires from a different perspective. The 4th beast relates to Rome which had 10 horns, or divisions of power. The little horn arose among these and appropriated the power of three of them to itself and ruled among the others. This represents the small beginning and gradual rise to power of the Church of Rome, the Papal power or horn. As it rose in influence, three of the divisions, horns or powers of the Roman Empire (the Heruli, the Eastern Exarchate and the Ostrogoths) were plucked out of the way to make room for its establishment as a civil power or horn. This last notable horn, Papacy, is remarkable for its eyes, representing intelligence, and for its mouth — its utterances, claims, etc. – Christian Questions


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